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Released on: February 4, 2008, 11:02 pm

Press Release Author: Stanley Grace

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: Multiple Language Desktop Publishing outsourcing continues to
be a strategic consideration for more and more business applications. It is
important for the products and services to communicate the information in the local

Press Release Body: As we move more towards technology-driven operations, more
applications for outsourcing are emerging. One application in particular is in the
area of document publishing in multiple languages.
Publishing projects involve variety of healthy considerations and challenges, unless
an organization has available in-house resources and expertise and can also secure
both for the duration of a publishing project. Outsourcing provides a timely and
potentially cost effective answer.
Lyric Labs, an ISO 9001:2000 and DIN EN 15038 Certified Multilingual translation and
publishing company employs proven methods to hold down costs and guarantees quality
thus by assuring clients a low cost desktop publishing services.
Lyric Labs production facility is in INDIA, a low cost zone in the world. The
company employs designers, layout artists, pagination experts who are exceptionally
Lyric labs is equipped to handle translation and publishing in more than 140
languages. Some of the documents types for translation and publishing are
Product manuals
User guides
Training manuals
Repair manuals
Technical documents
Product catalogues and many more.

Various industries today require multiple languages publishing like
. Aerospace and Defense
. Agriculture
. Arts and Entertainment
. Automotive
. Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
. Business Services
. Construction equipments
. Consumer Goods and Services
. Electronics and Electrical
. Energy and Environment
. Financial Services
. Food industry
. Healthcare
. Industrial Goods and Services
. Information Technology
. Publishing and Printing (5,740)
. Real Estate Contracts, Legal issues
. Retail Trade
. Telecommunications
. Textiles
. Transportation and Logistics

Choosing the right vendor for publishing?

1. Considering the facility
When you decide to outsource, do not go by the promises made? Try and see the
facilities in detail. Does the company have their own facility or is it trying to
outsource again? Many companies today operate as a bedroom company with a fancy
website. Can they really handle your requirements? Until the company has made
investment in publishing facility and has experienced designers in house it is
difficult to deliver the projects on time with the required quality.

2. Having a detailed discussion with the designers and project management staff
Consider having a detailed discussion with the designers and the project management
staff. This should give you a deep understanding on the process, scalability issues
and the quality control aspects the vendor adopts for delivery.

3. Credentials and certification verification
As a company deciding to outsource, you can always ask for customer reference in
various industries to check the level of customer satisfaction the vendor has
demonstrated. Also check for the certification process. Is the company certified for
ISO 9001 Standards. DIN EN 15038 is the only standard available for translation and
publishing services. Has the vendor have certification to prove the process.

Above are few ways to check for the right vendor. Outsourcing is a challenge. When
you can have the right vendor, as a client you can have substantial savings and
retain the same quality of work.

Fore more details on outsourcing multilingual desktop publishing work write to us at or visit us at

( A fully integrated translation and publishing company)
ISO 9001:2000 | DIN EN 15038 Certified company

Web Site:

Contact Details: 334,puliyakulam road,
opp(Carmel Garden School)

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