Does your staff suffer from the January blues

Released on: February 4, 2008, 4:03 am

Press Release Author: Ascent PR

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary: The first quarter of the year is a popular time for employees
to re-evaluate current jobs and future career paths. If employers don't take action
to motivate staff particularly around the start of a New Year they run the risk of
losing them altogether. The question begs, what can employers do to motivate their
staff in 2008?

Press Release Body:  Staff are likely to feel down once the festive season
has come to an end, so motivation from management will be crucial in order to kick
start the team in the New Year. A strong, happy workforce is the sign of good
management and thus, a profitable business..
 De-motivation can occur when employers are vague or secretive about future
business plans, or don't emphasise trust and faith in their employees' abilities.
Challenges can motivate staff if executed well, but if the management are constantly
moving the goalposts, people can lose sight of these goals, believing they are
pointless and unachievable.
 If employers don't provide the right training and motivational culture to
support staff they will be tempted to leave and join a business that does offer such
an environment.
 Successful motivation starts with wanting the best for your people and as a
manager you must be motivated yourself if you expect to motivate others.
 The New Year is a good opportunity to start afresh with your team. Set new
challenges by producing a new business plan for 2008 with incentives for your staff
so they come back to the office full of enthusiasm.
 The first quarter of the year can be a good time to look at appraisals and
pay reviews, this can help develop individual objectives that will not only motivate
the team but will also lead to business success.
 A strong company culture is crucial. If staff are happy in their working
environment they will feel motivated and will show long-term commitment and loyalty
to the company.
 An appraisal in the first three months of the year is a good way of
reviewing performance from the previous year, as many employees would have reflected
on this over the Christmas period. It's a good chance to set clear objectives for
the year ahead, and for the employee to voice any issues or concerns that you need
to tackle in 2008. Setting long-term goals will give a sense of purpose and make
them feel a valuable member of the team.
 Show staff that you value them by offering training and a clear career path
structure to focus on. This will help them meet the objectives set out in their
 Offer staff funding to attend external training courses for personal
development. This will help enhance productivity and performance at work while also
allowing for broader options for their own individual benefit and personal
 Participation is the key to motivation. Let your staff make suggestions
and show that you value their ideas. Often we exclude our greatest assets, (the
people around us) from decisions where they could be useful. Adopt an 'open door
policy' so staff feel able to raise ideas or concerns with their line manager.
 Reward staff to show them that you value their hard work. Such rewards
don't have to be purely financial. You can give them an extra day off work or take
them out for lunch. Backing up a decent salary with increased personal rewards and
incentives is much more effective for motivating staff and creating loyalty and
 Encourage staff to bond in an informal setting i.e. lunch at the local pub
or team building sessions away from the office. This will improve working relations,
creating a harmonious and supportive environment amongst colleagues.

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