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Released on: February 13, 2008, 11:08 am

Press Release Author: Transitions Recovery

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Alcohol addiction and drug abuse can also be treated with
various treatments. One reputed organization that can help you with such treatments
is Drug-rehabcenter.com which offers a complete drug and alcohol abuse treatment.

Press Release Body: Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the most serious social
issues that are prevalent today. People from different walks of life, due to various
reasons end up becoming drug addicts or are subjected to alcohol abuse. Peer
pressure, stressed lifestyle, social issues and mental health are few of the reasons
that lead to the indulgence in drugs and alcohol. But with medical science making
advances, new methods have now been adopted to help drug and alcohol addicts
overcome their problem. Drug and alcohol abuse treatments are widely used to cure
people suffering from drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

Drug addiction treatment includes behavioral therapy which uses guidance, medicines,
cognitive therapy and psychotherapy in various combinations to cure drug and alcohol
addicts. Behavioral therapies provide people with strategies that help them control
the craving for drug consumption and also prevent people from relapsing in the old
habit of drugs. Drug addiction therapies also include case management and referral
services in which the case is referred to psychologists and self help groups.
Generally, a combination of such treatments is used to cure people depending on the
seriousness of each case.

Alcohol addiction and drug abuse can also be treated with various treatments.
Alcohol addiction is the craving for alcohol. The most successful treatments are
those which can help family members, support groups or a doctor to communicate
effectively with the person concerned. The only way is out of alcohol abuse is to
communicate. The treatment includes intense counseling and rehabilitation.
Participation of parents, families and support groups is a must for alcohol abuse

One reputed organization that can help you with such treatments is
www.Drug-rehabcenter.com which offers a complete drug and alcohol abuse treatment.
The core belief of drug-rehab center is that every patient is unique and has the
ability to lead a normal and healthy life. They have three programs for patients
suffering from drug and alcohol abuse; residential programs, day programs and
outpatient services. They cure people by drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatments
at cost effective prices depending on individual cases. Drug-rehab center treats
people by introducing a new lifestyle and providing skills to help them make the
right choices to incorporate in their new lifestyle. They also offer dual diagnosis
for people suffering from mental illness and drug and alcohol abuse. They are
experts in dealing with addicted and dually diagnosed persons with socio-therapeutic
treatments. They have an accredited Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center which works
closely with insurance companies, employee assistance professionals and unions to
treat individuals depending on their personal needs.

Drug-Rehab center has branches in Miami and Florida that also serves the Caribbean
South Florida states. For more information on drug and alcohol abuse treatments,
visit www.Drug-rehabcenter.com.

Web Site: http://www.drug-rehabcenter.com

Contact Details: Address:1928 NE 154th Street, North Miami Beach, FL 33162
Phone no. (305) 949-9001
Fax : (305) 945-6074
E-mail :drugrehabcenter@gmail.com

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