Released on: February 14, 2008, 7:17 am

Press Release Author: User Vision

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: The software that sees emotion in your eyes

Press Release Body: The world's first technology to measure emotion, Emotion ToolT,
launches in UK on 14 February 2008. User Vision, one of Europe's leading independent
user experience consultancies, will be the first to introduce the technology to the
UK market for iMotions, Danish developers of the software.

Based on cognitive psychology and neuroscience research, Emotion ToolT measures the
excitement an image creates for the viewer. Less intrusive than a lie detector, the
technology interprets consumer emotional response to adverts and packaging.

Advertising has to reach the consumer on an emotional level in order to affect
behaviour. Strong positive emotions create a strong positive identification with
the brand leading to higher conversion rates.

Ninety percent of the decisions we make are determined by an emotional attachment or
relation to our surroundings. Emotion ToolT takes the guess work out of
advertising. No longer will adverts be chosen on the basis of personal opinion.

Already sold in the US, Europe, Russia and Mexico, Emotion ToolT is a disruptive
technology that takes the global market for eye tracking to the next level.

Eye tracking has been on the market for many years and is a maturing technology.
Eye tracking plots a viewer's gaze as it moves across an image. What it does not do
is analyse why the gaze is drawn to specific spots on the page or screen.

Emotion ToolT works together with an advanced eye-tracking monitor. The monitor
transfers eye movement information to Emotion ToolT for visual attention analysis
and emotional response measurement, analysing blink rate and pupil dilation. In a
split second the technology can tell not only where you are looking but what you are

Still only three years old, iMotions is one of the fastest growing high-tech
companies in the world. Multi-award winning it is the youngest company ever to have
been nominated Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year twice in a row and in 2006 the
iconic technology magazine Red Herring listed the iMotions chief executive as one of
its top 25 entrepreneurs under 35.

Normally it takes many years to commercialise a disruptive technology. iMotions has
achieved global sales in under two years. It is for this reason that User Vision
has been chosen to introduce Emotion ToolT to the UK market. User Vision is known
as a dynamic company working at the cutting edge of usability, adopting new
technologies and developing new techniques for their clients.

Peter Hartzbech, CEO of iMotions explains: "The UK market is very interesting to us
and offers huge potential. Eye tracking has reached the level of maturity in the UK
where the market is ready to take the next step in eye tracking by measuring the
emotional response behind the gaze. We wanted to work with a company who can bring
the new technology to market quickly. User Vision has a strong track record of
adopting new technologies and is already very active in eye tracking working with a
broad range of bluechip brands."

Emma Kirk, of User Vision comments: "We are delighted to be the first company in
the UK to offer this ground breaking technology. Emotion ToolT builds on our
existing eye tracking work and gives us even richer information to help clients and
designers make informed decisions about which advert will be most effective. The
tool will take the guesswork out of design decisions so it is an incredibly valuable
resource for us and our clients."

Headquartered in Edinburgh with offices in London, User Vision has pioneered
usability and accessibility for many years, working with organisations like the BBC,
Nokia and HSBC. Operating internationally in Dubai, Spain, France, Belgium,
Luxembourg, Germany, the UK and Ireland, User Vision is a powerful, independent
force in usability and accessibility.

User Vision is currently the only UK company to offer Emotion ToolT.

Emotion ToolT combines highly efficient Eye Tracking with emotional strength
(arousal) Emotional strength indicates the level of excitement an image creates on a
scale from 0-10. A score of five and higher is defined as affective. A minimum of
10 valid respondents are required to measure emotional strength. Affectivity is the
percentage of respondents who react to an image.

Emotion Tool aggregates the data within seconds along with creating a comprehensible
instant report of the results, that allows for an immediate overview of the eye gaze
analysis and emotional response.


User Vision is one of Europe\'s leading independent user experience consultancies,
specialising in usability testing, web accessibility, eye tracking, user needs
assessments and expert usability evaluations. The company tests and improves
usability across many platforms including websites, interactive TV, software, mobile
phones and keyboards. As well as offline advertising, TV commercials, shop layouts
and computer games.

At the heart of User Vision\'s work lies the basic concept that a product that is
easy to use gives a business competitive advantage. The company takes a
straightforward, practical approach to user needs analysis, problem solving and
usability testing, leading to effective design solutions.

Launched in 2000, User Vision has grown organically and remains free from venture
capital. The company has pioneered usability and accessibility for many years
working with organisations like the BBC, HSBC, Nokia and the DTI. Operating
internationally in Dubai, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, the UK and
Ireland, User Vision is a powerful, independent force in usability and



iMotions is the global leader within Emotion Technology. iMotions has developed
Emotion ToolT that has revolutionized the speed and efficiency of Advertising and
Packaging Pre-testing. Emotion Tool 1.5 is currently being marketed to the
Advertising & Marketing Research industry worldwide.

Emotion ToolT is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company currently employs
51 people with Technology Development in Denmark, Software Development in India, and
Sales Organizations in Denmark and the US (Chicago and Boston).


Web Site: http://www.uservision.co.uk

Contact Details: For more information contact: Sarah Lee :: 0131 225 3875 :: 077 66
542110 :: sarah@hottinroof.co.uk

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