Early Retirement Now Possible By the Age of Thirty

Released on: February 8, 2008, 8:13 am

Press Release Author: Arbor Books

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: Jessie Conners, former Apprentice and author of Nightmare
Nation: Redefining the Pursuit of the American Dream, provides important information
on how to retire by the age of thirty

Press Release Body: (MINNEAPOLIS, MN)-There is a growing movement of people who are
retiring as young as the age of thirty, according to Jessie Conners, former
Apprentice and author of Nightmare Nation: Redefining the Pursuit of the American

Ms. Conners shares the same financial philosophy as many people in the extreme early
retirement movement, who believe that with careful managing of financial resources,
a person can comfortably retire within ten to fifteen years of starting their
program. This has dramatic implications even for those individuals who get late
financial starts.

"Once you develop your initial financial plan, whether you do it yourself or with a
financial planner," says Ms. Conners, "it will need to be reviewed and changed as
necessary. Setting yourself up to collect the same income regardless of how the
markets perform can result in financial nightmare."

In Nightmare Nation, Ms. Conners emphasizes the following steps, which must be
followed to secure an early retirement:

 Get rid of all debt and pay off all credit cards and loans-the faster the
 Find a cheaper rate of interest for your credit cards with the intent to
get rid of all debt
 Set a deadline for paying off all of your debt, and work hard toward it
 Get rid of your credit cards-only have one and use it as a cash card
 Go to a "cash economy"-if you want it, pay cash for it
 Learn the difference between paying for something and paying it off

"People need to combine the best attributes of an investor, an entrepreneur and a
money manager," says Ms. Conners. "As an investor, you want to build an investment
portfolio that is robust enough to provide an income stream. As an entrepreneur, you
want to build a business or two that can also provide income. And as a money
manager, you want to have a very controlled budget and watch where every nickel and
dime goes."

In addition to Ms. Conners' financial advice, Billy and Akaisha Kaderli, the
"grandparents" of the extreme early retirement movement, suggest the following:
Invest in stocks through index and mutual funds, invest early and seek a partner
with the same financial values.

"The bottom line," says Ms. Conners, "is that you have to watch your bottom line."

Ms. Conners has made countless television appearances, including Oprah, CNBC and The
Today Show, and recently had an interview with Chuck Jaffe of Your Money Radio. She
also has upcoming interviews scheduled with WOCM-FM.

The author works as a nationally acclaimed keynote speaker, appearing at over 300
events a year. Currently a real estate broker, she started her own marketing firm at
seventeen years old and began investing in real estate at nineteen.

(Nightmare Nation: Redefining the Pursuit of the American Dream by Jessie Conners;
ISBN: 0-9793259-0-0; $14.95; soft cover; 5 x 8 ; 220 pages; PROTG PRESS)

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