Emsi Software presents Mamutu 1 5

Released on: February 26, 2008, 5:32 am

Press Release Author: Emsi Software GmbH

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: Behavior based software monitoring and malware blocking.
Zero-day protection.

Press Release Body: Emsi Software presents Mamutu 1.5

New version of the Behavior Blocker uses the Intelligence of the masses

Salzburg, 15. February 2008 - Today, Emsi Software presents the new Version 1.5 of
its behavior-oriented Malware blocker Mamutu. A highlight is the new Community
Feature: Before each alarm, Mamutu checks if other users have assessed the suspect
program as damaging. This significantly reduces the number of annoying popups and
false alarms for obviously benign programs.

Mamutu belongs to the class of so-called Behavior Blockers that, in contrast to
purely signature-based Virus defense systems, analyze the behavior of damaging
software in the computer and emit an appropriate warning. With the Community Feature
in Mamutu 1.5, the security specialist Emsi Software makes use of the Intelligence
of the masses. When an alarm is raised Mamutu provides a recommendation based on the
decisions of other users: A clearly understandable graphic illustrates the
percentage of users that have performed each possible action. This allows the user
to quickly decide whether to allow the behavior of the notified program, exclude it
from monitoring, block it, or place it in quarantine. The user can also define a
particular percentage value at which the application is automatically permitted. For
example: If (e.g.) 90% of the users have classified a background updater as not
damaging, then the application is automatically permitted to run. This ensures a
smooth workflow without annoying popups and the user no longer needs to make
sometimes difficult decisions about unknown processes. The transfer of your own
decisions to the Emsi Software Anti-Malware Network is of course voluntary and can
be deactivated at any time.

Recognition of mouse and keyboard simulators

Mamutu now recognizes 18 Malware-typical behavior patterns that allow almost every
type of damaging program to be identified. A new feature in Version 1.5 is the
recognition of applications that simulate mouse movements and keyboard typing.
Malware programs usually use this technique to terminate security programs by
simulating the exit operations normally performed by the user.

Emsi Software recently published its Annual Malware Report 2007. This reported that
the number of computer pests, also known as Malware, has again rapidly increased in
the last year. In the foreseeable future, pure signature-based analysis will no
longer be able to cope with the growing volume of Malware, says Christian Mairoll,
the CEO of Emsi Software. The manufacturer is therefore relying on behavior-based
Malware defense that permanently monitors all actions performed by software on the

A 30-day trial of Mamutu 1.5 is available at

A 1 year license costs $29.95 and can be directly ordered here

A detailed functional overview of Mamutu 1.5 is available at:

Web Site: http://www.mamutu.com

Contact Details: Address: Faerberstr. 8, Oberndorf

Phone Number:
Email: info@emsisoft.com

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