Engineer-to-Order Finite Resource Scheduling Becomes Critical

Released on: February 26, 2008, 5:15 am

Press Release Author: Thomas R. Cutler

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: Engineer-to-Order Finite Resource Scheduling Becomes Critical

Press Release Body: The premise for Finite Resource Scheduling is that all tasks are
assigned to specific Resources or Resource Groups. The scheduling engine uses the
work order priority and due date that encapsulates the task to sequence the tasks,
without overloading a specific resource. Loaded resources become bottlenecks in
production and cause scheduling of the tasks to slip into the future which may (or
may not) cause the work order to be completed after its required due date. Once the
sequencing of the work is complete, detailed 'work-to' lists and reports can be
produced for each resource. Preactor offers a rich functionality tool set for
setting, monitoring, and analyzing scheduling metrics for the most efficient (cost
effective) use of resources. TRAKware addresses this through a tightly integrated
link that allows data to be passed back and forth between the scheduling engine and
TRAKware's Work Order system.

According to Randy Richel, P.Eng., CEO and General Manager of Canadian-based
Trakware, "Finite Resource Scheduling is the ultimate scheduling tool and is a tried
and proven methodology used throughout the manufacturing sector. The challenge with
Finite Resource Scheduling is that changes, both in and out of manufacturing
control, must be incorporated into the schedule in order for the scheduling engine
to sequence the work based on priority and due date as desired."

TRAKware leverages the unique Finite Resource Scheduling features offered by
Preactor Scheduling by licensing and integrating Preactor into TRAKware for Finite
Resource Scheduling functionality. TRAKware supports several levels of Preactor
depending on the specific needs of the client. Base level scheduling employs
Preactor 200, secondary constraints and mid-task progress quantification require
Preactor 300, Preactor 400 or higher are required if detailed material scheduling is
required. For basic entry level Finite Resource Capacity scheduling Microsoft
Project can be integrated as scheduling engine within TRAKware.

Trakware Systems is the worldwide leader in manufacturing execution system (MES)
solutions for engineer-to-order (ETO) and project-based manufacturers maximizing
both profitability and productivity. Trakware specializes in lean business-critical
functions such as estimating, advanced scheduling, job costing, production
management and labor as well as material shop floor data collection. TRAKware
software fully integrates with existing ERP systems, as well as major software
providers for financials, engineering design, optimization, payroll and wireless
interaction for mobile workers. Trakware recognizes ETO manufacturing as a process
and includes a wide range of industry sectors including Architectural Woodworking,
Cabinets, Store Fixtures, Doors and Windows, Furniture, Oil and Gas Fabrication,
Solid Surface, Metal Fabrication, Yacht-building, and Custom Electronics.

TRAKware Systems Inc.
Randy Richel, CEO

Web Site:

Contact Details: TRAKware Systems
1120-13 Mission Ave.
St.Albert, Alberta, Canada

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