Engineers for Social Impact Fellowship - Call for Applications

Released on: February 4, 2008, 11:40 pm

Press Release Author: Engineers for Social Impact

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: A unique fellowship program to connect the best engineering
talent to the most credible social enterprises that drive market-based solutions to
development in India.

Press Release Body: Engineers for Social Impact (E4SI) is a unique fellowship
program that connects the 5 best candidates from premier Indian engineering schools
to 5 credible social enterprises that drive market-based solutions to development in
India. E4SI provides a prestigious opportunity for current undergraduate students to
do a summer internship at a social enterprise, gain understanding and make an

E4SI will select candidates from BITS Pilani, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, IIT
Kharagpur, IIT Madras, NITK Surathkal, NIT Trichy, NIT Warangal and NSIT.

"Since these candidates are key influencers in their peer groups, they can drive a
new awareness of sustainable opportunities in social initiatives. The highly
selective nature of the fellowship and the associated brands will make this a
coveted opportunity for current students and future leaders," said Nitin Rao,
Founder at Engineers for Social Impact. "It is in the interest of these social
enterprises to attract the best talent, and in the interest of the best talent to
differentiate themselves. We believe that Fellows of this program could go on to
lead or found organizations that accelerate development through enterprise."

In February-March 2008, an eminent panel of judges will select 5 E4SI Fellows to
gain from challenging immersion experiences in partner social enterprises. In
addition, Fellows will join a select cohort of outstanding young leaders committed
to social impact and build valuable relationships with leaders in the development
sector. E4SI partner for-profit social enterprises (founded by alumni from schools
such as Harvard, Wharton, INSEAD and IIT) are leaders in the sectors of Education,
Energy, Health, Micro-finance and Multiple Bottom-line Investment Advisory. They
include iDiscoveri, Intellecap, SELCO India, Ujjivan and Vaatsalya.

Ideal E4SI applicants are students with a demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship
and development through enterprise. Applications instructions are detailed in Applications (curriculum vitae and essays) must be
submitted on or before March 2, 2008.

About Engineers for Social Impact
Engineers for Social Impact (E4SI) is a unique fellowship program designed to
connect the best engineering talent to the most credible social enterprises and
create awareness of emerging opportunities in development. The E4SI philosophy lies
in for-profit entrepreneurship as a sustainable approach to issues of development.
The E4SI network comprises organizations and individuals who share a strong
conviction in enterprise solutions to development.

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About iDiscoveri
Founded by alumni of Harvard University, INSEAD and XLRI, iDiscoveri is a learning,
teaching and research organization that works at making learning more experiential
and more meaningful. It develops and disseminates a curriculum that focuses on
experience and self-discovery and guides people towards realizing their potential.
It is dedicated to filling the gaps in education in economically emerging societies,
notably India. iDiscoveri's work spans a wide range of experiential education
initiatives that targets children, families, schools, adults and executives. It also
delivers programs that exclusively address women's issues.

For more information, please visit

About Intellecap
Established in 2002, Intellecap is one of the fastest growing strategic services
firm in the international development sector. Intellecap aims to build intellectual
capital dedicated to facilitating investments into socially motivated businesses and
to assist these businesses in becoming more profitable and achieving greater scale
through consulting and advisory inputs. Working in both indirect strategic
advisory roles and direct design and execution modes, Intellecap leverages its
understanding of mainstream, profit-oriented business models to create unique
solutions that generate both financial and sustainable social returns.

Intellecap has undertaken pioneering initiatives in the field of finance and
strategy in the microfinance sector, and seeks to leverage this experience to other
areas that benefit social and economic development. Intellecap is committed to value
creation by accumulating and disseminating knowledge, providing strategic support to
development initiatives and incubating new ideas that will shape the development

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About SELCO India
The Solar Electric Light Company (SELCO India) came into being in 1995 as a
subsidiary of SELCO, USA, under the leadership of Dr. Hande and Neville Williams,
president of SELCO, USA. When Dr. Harish Hande started the SELCO he set out to
dispel three myths that were associated with solar technology: 1) Poor people cannot
afford sustainable technologies; 2) Poor people cannot maintain sustainable
technologies; 3) Social ventures cannot be run as commercial entities. Over the last
12 years, with a customer base of over 80,000 SELCO and 20 branches spread across
South India and Gujarat, he has proved that this is not impossible. It is a rural
energy service company, registered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

The main focus of the company is to provide reliable, affordable, and
environmentally sustainable energy services to homes and businesses, specifically in
the rural areas. SELCO is not only involved in the sale and maintenance of solar
systems, but also provides innovative financial schemes for customers to pay for
these services by working with local financial institutions and microfinance
companies. What makes SELCO different is its model to combine door-step service with
door-step financing with a focus on providing a complete package of alternative
technology, finance and services to the clients under one umbrella and empower the
lives of the underserved. The bottom to top approach of SELCO has helped it to
create specific need based products - products that meet the needs and expectations
of the end-user. The grassroots level approach has also led to a governance
structure which is transparent and based on ground realities. SELCO's success of
being a sustainable company while promoting energy services to the poor lay in its
ability to innovate: creating linkages between technology, appropriate financing,
energy services, income generation and quality of life. SELCO India has partnered
with various technical, financial and academic institutions to disseminate
alternative energy services. By establishing partnerships to continuously innovate
it recognizes the need to inter-connect products and services and of adding value
through a network to subscribe to an open model of innovation rather than an insular

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About Ujjivan
Ujjivan commenced operations as a non-banking financial company in November 2005. It
provides financial services to the economically active poor in India by combining
successful models in microfinance with the technologies and efficiencies of modern
retail banking. Through in-depth market research, Ujjivan has created a range of
diverse financial products for poor urban women in India. While currently focusing
on Bangalore, it expects to expand nationally and provide microfinance to more than
600,000 clients by 2011. Additional key Ujjivan investors include K. R. Ramamoorthy,
Samit Ghosh, Nucleus Software, Ravi Bahl, Jaithirth Rao, and Ashok Vaswani.

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About Vaatsalya
With passion, commitment and leadership, Vaatsalya is the new face of healthcare in
India. While 70% of India is living in semi-urban and rural areas, 80% of our
healthcare facilities are located in urban/metro areas. Vaatsalya is bridging this
gap by building and managing hospitals in semi-urban and rural areas and bringing
healthcare services where it is needed most. Vaatsalya has hospitals in Hubli, Gadag
and Karwar (North Karnataka) and is expanding to 100 other locations across the
country with a vision to directly benefit 2.5 Million families.

For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Nitin Rao
Engineers for Social Impact

Web Site:

Contact Details: E907 Brigade Millennium, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Bangalore - 560078. India
+91 9886363021

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