Evan Garber Leads Escape Velocity Systems

Released on: February 12, 2008, 8:09 am

Press Release Author: Thomas R. Cutler

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: Evan Garber Leads Escape Velocity Systems

Press Release Body: Escape Velocity Systems (www.evs-sw.com) co-founder Evan Garber
is the Director of North American sales of the O2 Process Manufacturing System for
MAS 500. Garber began consulting in process manufacturing in 1997 where he was a
reseller and implementer of various process manufacturing solutions. In 2001 he
co-founded Escape Velocity Systems, Inc. (EVS) with the sole mission of providing
industry leading process manufacturing software solutions to the small and mid-size
market space. Since then EVS has developed two major projects: ProVisio WMS and O2
Process Manufacturing for MAS 500. Garber's role with these projects was to analyze
and assimilate market requirements, test software functionality, develop a
value-added reseller channel, strategic market positioning and to uncover new
opportunities to improve the systems.

Process Manufacturing describes a manufacturing process whereby materials are
blended, cooked, or mixed as opposed to assembled from discrete units. Some needs
common to process manufacturing industries are:

. Formulas (or recipes) are ratios, not static bills of material
. Split bill of material: several products can share one formula, yet have different
. Flexibility with units of measure
. Stringent quality control, with recall ability
. Lot grading / attribute tracking and calculation

Escape Velocity Systems (EVS) was formed in 2001 to combine specific industry
knowledge related to process manufacturing, distribution, and ERP implementations
with cutting edge software development. The company focus is to create tools that
enable mid-market enterprises to achieve their goals, focusing on lean processes and
ROI. According to President Evan Garber, "We realize that good ERP software is the
hub of information in any process manufacturing enterprise. Timely, reliable, and
centralized data are non-negotiable elements for businesses competing in the 21st

The term escape velocity refers to the speed that is necessary for an object to
overcome gravity and soar into space. EVS provides direct applications for
businesses looking for a catalyst, not just a software package. Process
manufacturers require the best software solution coupled with industry experience
that will accelerate the velocity with which they race towards their goals. The
gravity of status-quo opposes aggressive, cutting edge organizations as they strive
towards high quality and short lead time delivery while reducing inventories and
operating costs.

Escape Velocity Systems
Evan Garber
303.494.1765 x114

Web Site: http://www.evs-sw.com

Contact Details: Escape Velocity Systems
2530 55th St.
Suite 204
Boulder, CO 80301

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