Fancy dress costumes for fun and flirting

Released on: February 2, 2008, 12:11 am

Press Release Author: Jason Edworthy

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: Having fun is sometimes these days something we do not do
often enough and when there is a chance to let your hair down do not miss out and
use every conceivable tool to make the party of your life.

Press Release Body: Hosting or going to a fancy dress party is the perfect
opportunity to be someone other than your self, if only for a while. Grab this
chance to impersonate someone you love, mimic someone you admire or give traditional
costumes a new twist with your unique flair. Think outside the box when thinking of
costumes to wear at a fancy dress party and do not hold back, simply go for it.

First of all you should decide whether you intend to be someone good or someone bad,
someone funny or someone scary or even sexy.
Choosing a costume that goes with your personality will double your fun quotient as
well as that of the other guests and that is a safe bet. Picking a character that is
way different from your own then this can be even more fun as you can choose to be
someone very different.
If comedy is your forte, you could dress up as Charlie Chaplin and entertain
everyone with a Charlie Chaplin act. All you need is a pair of baggy trousers, a
walking stick, a hat and a fake moustache a la Charlie Chaplin. Other funny options
include going as a clown or a funny scarecrow. In the UK professional web retailers
are becoming very popular way to purchase fancy dress and a good example is who also supply wholesale and to business
Other popular themes are cowboys and Indians which are always a good bet if you are
going as a couple. On the other hand this is the ideal time to reveal your alter ego
to everyone. So take a giant leap out of your comfort zone and live it up as some
one you are not and maybe use fancy dress to do some flirting!
Are you normally gentle and shy? Well, paint yourself green and go around
terrorizing all the guests as you do an impersonation of the Hulk or of the Green
Goblin. Other scary costume ideas include Count Dracula, Frankenstein and countless
innovative versions of the traditional ghost costume.
Dress up as an angel or a fairy godmother and show off that flash of goodness with
wings and a tiara. But to unleash the devil within, go dressed up as . what else?
The devil himself- horns, tail, trident et al.
Whatever or whoever you choose to be for the day, let the character get under your
skin, let your hair down and reveal a side of you that even you did not know
With so many fancy dress costumes available then all you need is imagination!

With hundreds of fancy dress costumes and accessories available including scary
Halloween costumes and the fever
range of sexy fancy outfits

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T 08458 620 354

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