Fully Customizable File and Folder Comparisons

Released on: February 20, 2008, 4:55 am

Press Release Author: Oorja Software

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: The Complete Utility for Folder and File Compare and

Press Release Body: Oorja Software has released SwiftCompare v. 1.3, a powerful
Windows application that lets you visually compare, merge, and synchronize files and
folders. Unlike simple file synchronization utilities, SwiftCompare has a fully
customizable compare and merge engine that can be used by programmers to compare
source code files, by business people who need to update their desktop computers
with their laptop data after business trips, and by anybody who needs to ensure that
they can immediately identify and locate the latest versions of their files and

When comparing files, SwiftCompare lets you define exactly what you\'re looking for.
Software developers can tell the program to ignore such things as source code
comments, and leading and trailing blocks of spaces. The built-in right-click menu
even lets you perform instant file and folder operations such as copy, move, delete,
and rename.

SwiftCompare offers the same power and flexibility when comparing and synchronizing
folders. The program can pay attention to, or ignore, such things as the date and
time the files were modified, the contents of the files, and their size. The program
can even deal with the time incompatibilities between FAT and NTFS files.

While power-users are able to completely customize their file and folder management,
inexperienced users can take advantage of the program\'s one-click solutions to
ensuring that files and folders are in sync. For example, the \"sync both folders\"
option will examine all files in both locations, and ensure that the latest versions
of everything are placed in both folders. The program can be set to perform backups
of both folders before any synchronization and merge operation, so there\'s never a
worry about losing valuable files.

Software developers often need to track modifications and roll back bad changes that
they\'ve made to their source code. With SwiftCompare, it\'s easy to ignore
unimportant differences such as comments and whitespaces, and concentrate on the
real changes. SwiftCompare\'s built-in text editor features syntax highlighting. The
visual diff viewer gives you a summary of all of the differences between two files.
The program offers complete support for Unicode and multi-byte character sets.
Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX files are supported.

SwiftCompare eliminates the popular file-updating technique of throwing your hands
into the air, and starting over with the old version of a document. Whether you\'re a
programmer who is working on a complex change to a large program, a business person
who needs to ensure that the latest contract is properly worded, or a student who
needs to synchronize project notes and report drafts, SwiftCompare has the tools
that you need.

Web Site: http://www.oorjasoftware.com/

Contact Details: Address: C-18/1,, Delhi

Phone Number:
Email: info@oorjasoftware.com

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