Gibline - A New Development towards the Multi-Billion Dollar Internet Explosion!!!

Released on: February 14, 2008, 9:30 pm

Press Release Author: richard scalza

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary: \"A social/business revenue sharing income site would top 200
million+ users quickly. It would without a doubt become a Global Phenomenon.\"
GibLink community immediately fills the void that plagues nearly every home,
internet or traditional business in the world today!!!

Press Release Body: Brooklyn, USA 15th February 2008 --- Richard Scalza is a Multi
level marketing coach and one of the pre-launch members of is trying to
make a difference in the lives of people. If you haven\'t noticed, the Internet has
made an incredible recovery since the \"Bubble Burst\" back in 2000.

The time has now come for everyone to join the global marketplace and in the
process, change the way the world does business. In a world full of incredible
success stories, a chapter has now been written with you in it! is a first of its kind innovation that connects entrepreneurs from all
over the world by providing a revenue sharing plan that gives anyone the opportunity
to truly share in the exhilarating experience of building an internet phenomenon and
reaping the benefits.

GibLink will dominate the global business industry with its unique approach
of filling a void common to all businesses and entrepreneurs around the world.

Expose it to like minded people and receive referral introductions worldwide!!!

It is an opportunity to be part of an online community, it is so groundbreaking in
its approach that it will forever change the way people do business.

Right now!! You are missing out on the billions of dollars going to large
Corporations offering only a portion of what GibLink is under one roof. The GibLink
Revenue Sharing Program can generate money for you and your business every week!!

Don\'t miss out...this golden opportunity with the Gibline Community explosive
\"Revenue sharing Program\", timing isn\'t everything, but it sure does help!!!

Richard Scalza
1551 west 2nd street,
Brooklyn, Newyork,
United States

Web Site:

Contact Details: Richard Scalza
1551 west 2nd street,
Brooklyn, Newyork,
United States

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