Golf Swing Training Aids

Released on: February 19, 2008, 3:44 am

Press Release Author: Bobby Eldridge

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: PurePoint Golf has released a line of golf instruction
traning aids that will help improve your golf game through effective practice.

Press Release Body:
Knee Flex During the Backswing

As you start back, both knees are flexed and during the entire backswing. The most
important part to note here is that the right knee NEVER changes positions. It does
not flex more, nor does it straighten out during the backswing. This right knee
flex during the backswing serves as the foundation to your entire golf swing. At
the top of the backswing the majority of your weight will be distributed over the
right knee.
If you straighten out the right knee in the backswing your foundation becomes
"taller" at the top, which makes it harder to find the ball at impact. The secret
to lowering your scores is to build a consistent golf swing - a swing that you can
repeat each and every time you swing the club. Straightening out the right knee adds
complexity to your golf swing and makes it harder to repeat.
Swing Thought - Keep the right knee flexed the exact same amount throughout the
entire backswing.

Sway During the Backswing

Just as the right knee needs to keep it's flex during the backswing, it also needs
to maintain its lateral position. In other words, the right knee doesn't "Slide" or
"Sway" during the backswing. If your right knee slides away from the target during
the backswing, the same inconsistencies will creep into your swing. It will force
you to "recover" from the sway in the downswing. Again, this only adds complexity
to your golf swing.
Many recreational golfers struggle with swaying away from the target in the
backswing and moving towards the target in the downswing. The thought it that this
will add power to their golf swing. In reality, this move causes everything from
slices to fat shots. More importantly, it is a major cause of erratic shots,
because you tend to recover differently every time you swing the club. One time you
may hit the ball fat, the next you'll overcompensate and pull the ball left.
Swing thought - Keep the right knee solid, and concentrate on not swaying away from
the target in the backswing.
The Good News.
PurePoint Golf has released the Power Leg Strap which will automatically keep your
lower body in the correct position in the backswing.
You can learn more here.

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