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Released on: February 2, 2008, 1:37 am

Press Release Author: selfebizsystem

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary:
A System For Living Fit And Healthy At Any Age.
\'Fit Over 40\' by Jon Benson is my #1 CHOICE!

Press Release Body:
This is a great program. Don't be fooled by its little title because 'Fit Over 40'
can be an extremely powerful tool for anybody looking to lose fat
at ANY AGE. You do not need to be over 40 to get maximum benefit from this program.

I loved this book because it is very inspirational. No matter what age you are,18 to
70 the one thing you need is motivation . Jon Benson\'s book is full of great
examples of people (from all walks of life, covering all age groups) that have
achieved fantastic weight and fat loss results.

The 'Fit Over 40' program is based on solid nutritional fundamentals and targeted
training exercises. Also, it mentions the importance of drinking an often forgotten
drink that is very useful for cleansing and fat loss

Fit Over 40t is a great program for anyone. I believe that motivation is a really
important factor to get back on track when you fall off your weight loss programs.
This book is my pick number one pick.

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For more information on 'Fit Over 40 programs' go to site

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P.O.Box 81
Blackwood 5051
Phone # 08 8178 0087

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