Hertzler Systems Provides Missing Link for Transactional Six Sigma

Released on: February 18, 2008, 7:04 am

Press Release Author: Thomas R. Cutler

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: Hertzler Systems Provides Missing Link for Transactional Six

Press Release Body: Transactional areas are typically data poor because business

. Contain too much of the wrong type of information
. Do not have the right level of data granularity
. Report on the Critical Y, with no knowledge of the Key and Important Xs that drive
the Y
. Do not support Six Sigma and lack key connecting points such as date and time stamps
. Are not Black Belt friendly
. Lack easy-to-use ad hoc query tools for asking new questions from the data

Transactional Six Sigma calls for a Measurement System that sits between the
business system and the other Six Sigma tools. This Measurement System should:

. Harvest data from existing business systems
. Massage data as needed
. Collect additional data details if needed
. Standardize this collected data to simplify Six Sigma analysis

According to Evan J. Miller, President & CEO of Hertzler Systems, "GainSeeker Suite
forms a critical link between manufacturers' business system and other Six Sigma
tools. Many organizations fail to achieve the full benefit of Six Sigma efforts
because their tools lack connectivity to the business systems generating the data."

Reducing the costs and cycle times of Six Sigma projects by:

. Capturing the right data to drive business transformation
. Connecting with other information systems to streamline and reduce data
acquisition costs
. Sustaining the gains in the Control Phase with real-time data collection and
control failure notification
. Multiplying ROI from existing business systems by making better use of data
. Focusing attention on improvement goals through innovative Defect Improvement Charts
. Quickly uncovering hidden sources of variation with automated analysis by
GainSeeker Wizards
. Deploying in weeks, not months or years
. Measurement systems rounds out Six Sigma software infrastructure

Miller suggests, "Since the early days of Six Sigma, professionals have relied on
software. Most people recognize two main types of software packages: Project Tools
(like MINITAB) and Deployment Tools (like ProjX or Enterprise Track). If Six Sigma
had stayed on the manufacturing floor, that might be all any company would ever
need. Transactional Six Sigma often looks for data from Business Systems.
Surprisingly, these environments are typically data poor."

Hertzler Systems (www.hertzler.com) provides seamless, accurate data acquisition
solutions that drive business transformation. The company provides the leading
real-time data acquisition and analytics software, the GainSeeker Suite. This
powerful and flexible system is best used by lean and progressive companies.
Gainseeker Suite allows companies to connect with devices and other information
systems, collecting data and alarming key personnel when problems arise; this
technology allows organizations to analyze data for root cause problems, converting
data into knowledge.

Hertzler Systems has been a leader in Statistical Process Control and Six Sigma for
over twenty years, and includes a diverse customer base in service, transactional
and manufacturing environments; clients include BAE Systems, Crown Audio, IDEX
Corporation, McCormick & Company, Inc., Hormel Foods Corporation, Titleist &
Footjoy, and TaylorMade-Adidas Golf Worldwide. The company\'s software and services
enable clients to collect and analyze data; building a robust data infrastructure
for making data-driven decisions. These capabilities help clients to reduce costs,
cycle time and errors, and increase profitability.

Hertzler Systems Inc.
Adrienne DePew
Communications Manager

Web Site: http://www.hertzler.com

Contact Details: Hertzler Systems
2312 Eisenhower Dr. N.
Goshen, IN 46526

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