High-Definition Voice - Business VOIP Phone Service Advances

Released on: February 26, 2008, 11:16 pm

Press Release Author: Nancy Hardey

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: Alteva, LLC is a leading Small Business VoIP Phone Service
provider & Small Business VoIP Solution provider. Alteva VoIP Service is unmatched
for reliability. We have built a true VoIP network from the ground up to give
businesses the peace of mind they need for critical telecommunications.

Press Release Body: Businesses are becoming pickier about phone service, and rightly
so. With free IP phone services like Skype or GoogleTalk able to provide sound
quality better than antiquated public phone systems, we've come to expect
High-Definition voice from our phone service provider. After all, we get it in our
DVD's, CDs, and TV's. Shouldn't we get it from our phone systems?

Alteva is recognized as an industry leader in business VOIP phone services, with a
comprehensive set of phone and network features including Hi-Def voice, call
recording, call log reporting, conference calling, call forwarding, mobile access
and much more. Alteva is a provider committed to leading the industry for years to
come, and Hi-Def voice is just one aspect of the company's commitment to technical

So exactly what is Alteva offering as \"high-definition voice\"? It really means audio
quality on your phone call that is similar to a CD. It is done by sampling the
sound stream 8,000 times a second, and reproducing that sound to fit into a
bandwidth of only 32Kbps, half that of the public phone service transmissions. This
in turn allows your IP connection to be voice-enabled with true Hi-Def capability.

Click here to see a list of the myriad of business
VOIP Phone service
features Alteva offers. Alteva provides highly customizable
and highly redundant business VOIP phone services. Every company has very different
communication needs and Alteva has a very different phone solution to satisfy each
of those needs. Alteva can save you money by marrying voice and data systems and
reducing the total Cost of Ownership.

Only Alteva truly understands and develops solutions that enterprises like yours
need, with truly exceptional Hi-Dev voice. Companies with remote offices can create
a nationwide campus, uniting all locations, small offices, mobile employees, and
telecommuters into a managed service which is experienced as a single environment
and billed in a single unified format.

Alteva can tailor a service package for every business. Let the experts at Alteva
customize a solution that solves your enterprise telephony needs.
Learn more about our service plan features

Web Site: http://www.altevacorp.com/

Contact Details: 877-258-3720
600 Delran Parkway
City : Suite B, Delran
State : NJ

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