How to survive the first 90 days in MLM

Released on: February 18, 2008, 10:41 am

Press Release Author: Eirik Ringstad

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Without the mindset, any entrepreneur is doomed to fail. Most
people understand that a solid mindset are important, but few actually really
understands the true imperative value of a strong mindset foundation. It must be
applied in full, and never forgotten. It must be the plan on where the business plan
depends upon. A strong mindset is everything and without it, the business plan
becomes just another plan.

Press Release Body: Most people that are joining a network marketing organisation
have skyhigh hopes and expectation for high returns on their decision when joining a
MLM company. The trap that so many fall into, can be avoided and bring new life of
hope for those who reads this press release.

Statistics show that as many as 95 percent of most network marketers decides to quit
or give up within their first year.
Further, As many as 3 out of 4 quits within 90 days.
And 8 out of 10 distributors never sponsor a single person.
But in contrast, those who make a check, stay twice as long as those who do not.
It is important to understand that real success in MLM requires a few fundamnetally
important ingredients. Those ingredients will avoid those who are looking for a
better way in life to avoid ending up frustrated and broke.

First, A solid mindset must be the very foundation before starting out on a path to
a successful home based business. Without the proper mindset, challenges and bumps
in the road will break the individual who lack this ingredient. Most people do see
that a solid mindset are important, but few actually really understand how
inevitably important it is. A book I will recommened is \"The Law of attraction\" by
Michael Losier. In his book he goes into detail and shows you step by step how you
can attract whatever you want in life being the mindset as the very foundation in
your life

Second, In their attempt to build a successful network marketing organisation, most
people are ending up broke and miserable with failure before sensing a shred of
success along the path to a solid home business. Most are ending up spending till
the limit is reached. And that can happen very quickly. Everyone has a limit.
As a consequence of this, there is one thing that will help you avoid ending up in
the trap that 95% of most people do.
One must create a situation where one control how fast and how many high quality
leads are being brought into your business. Further, one must create maximum
leverage. In order for a person to survive the bumpy road to success, one must make
money right from the start.

It is never easy in the beginning, but it is easy if one take the time to learn the
science to be a top network marketer. Focus on developing your skills, and expect to
fail along the path. Accept that failure are just another element on your path to
success. Let it make you stronger, but never let it break you.

Without a bulletproof mindset and the right knowledge, one are planning to fail
instead of planning to succeed.
Statistics are showing that to survive, money must finance the roadmap to building a
solid home business. By building up a mindset that cannot be defeated, and by making
money from the start as a consequence of the knowledge, one is guaranteed to

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