Released on: February 27, 2008, 1:00 am

Press Release Author: Alan Chung

Industry: Computers

Press Release Summary: I-Tech has introduced its Sunlight Readable LCD/ High
Brightness LCD Monitors.

Press Release Body: I-Tech has introduced its Sunlight Readable LCD/ High Brightness
LCD Monitors. These monitors are powerful sunlight readable displays that are
developed to function in extreme ambient light conditions. They are equipped with
technology to withstand the severe effects of harsh environments usually encountered
in outdoor environments. In this technology, the lighter sensor measures the outside
brightness with respect to varying environments. LCD Monitor is built

The light sensor identifies the change in brightness outside and then sends the
signal to MCU through I^2C interface. The MCU wiil then signal the inverter to
control the brightness with respect to the outside illumination and will transmit
PWM signal to the inverter. The inverter will then change the brightness of panel.
In short, the light sensor passes on the information to display, which in turn
adjusts the brightness automatically. In case of brighter outdoor/sun-light
condition the brightness will increase; while in case of darker condition, the
brightness will diminish according to the darker environment.

Some of the Sunlight Readable High Brightness active enhancements include value-add
backlights and edge lights such as
. High bright, sunlight readable and NVIS-compatible options
. Edge rail modifications to increase number of lamps
. Both rail replacement and improved multi-lamp backlight design options

Web Site: http://www.i-techcompany.com

Contact Details: 42828 Albrae Street,
Fremont CA 94538
Phone: 888-483-2418

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