Image Cut (Image Splitter)

Released on: February 12, 2008, 3:19 am

Press Release Author: XVEL Software

Industry: Education

Press Release Summary: Split image into segments with any slice layout. Get
generated merging html page

Press Release Body: Here\'s a creative tool for professional webmasters who are
looking for the fastest way to create high-quality html templates and site designs
that include a foolproof method for splitting images to prevent theft. Visitors are
forced to return to the site every time they want to view images and that
automatically increases site traffic. Moreover with Image cut you will make your
images load faster and improve site rating on search engines.

Every professional web designer knows the routine. First you design your single
image template using your favorite image editor such as GIMP or PhotoShop. Then you
split the image template using a cutting tool that\'s capable of creating the HTML to
merge each image slice into a complete image.

Image Cut automates the image slicing process and saves you hours of time and
unnecessary steps. Image Cut does all of the hard work for you. Just place the cut
marks on your image right where you want them. Image Cut automatically saves each
slice in an optimized file and then generates the HTML for you. You just drop the
files onto your site and you\'re ready to go!

Image Cut even optimizes web content for quick downloads saving web space and
increasing playback speed. Image Cut automatically chooses the most compact file
format for JPEG, GIF, PNG and loseless image quality for each picture segment.

Even better, you can compare different qualities and resulting file sizes using
quick preview and do custom optimizations at will. If a particular segment has no
significant data it can be marked as \"blank\" so no image file is stored. And that\'s
ideal image compression!

On top of all that, Image Cut protects images from piracy by splitting pictures with
a random segment layout. Thus unregistered users will not be able to save images or
copy them to the clipboard. This drives people who want to see your images back to
your site, over and over again, increasing your page views and maximizing your
advertisement revenue.

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