Individual Approach Drives Employee Engagement

Released on: February 29, 2008, 4:03 am

Press Release Author: Nicole Jenkinson

Industry: Human Resources

Press Release Summary:, experts in Self-Driven Employee
Engagement have applauded a global study conducted by Mercer into the key drivers of
engagement at work.

Press Release Body: Sydney, Australia--February 29,,
experts in Self-Driven Employee Engagement have applauded a global study conducted
by Mercer into the key drivers of engagement at work.

Ian Hutchinson, Chief Engagement Officer of confirms that the
research findings were consistent with their seven engagement drivers - leadership,
purpose, reward, opportunity, relationships, job fulfilment and work life balance.
Hutchinson says organisations will benefit from a new generational approach which
combines knowledge of these drivers with a consistent organisational language to
cultivate Self-Driven Employee Engagement in the workplace.

"The seven drivers of employee engagement are common across countries, cultures and
companies and while it's useful to understand that there are differences in how
these drivers are prioritised, the key to improving employee engagement rests in
focussing on what drives individuals.

"Engaging employees on a micro level by encouraging them to identify and communicate
what 'they' want can radically reduce the whinge and entitlement culture and create
an environment of self leadership and personal responsibility. We need to empower
individuals by giving them the autonomy and support they need to achieve their own
unique goals on a professional and personal level".

Hutchinson adds that Self-Driven Employee Engagement is a top-down approach and that
senior management will be better equipped to implement effective new generation
engagement initiatives if they first fully understand the fundamental seven drivers
of employee engagement to the point where there is a common universal language
within the organisation.

"Best Employer SAP is great example of what can be achieved with a company wide
commitment to Self-Driven Employee Engagement. worked with SAP
to deliver an all encompassing self-leadership solution that included elite sessions
for the CEO and senior leadership team through to in-house programs for employees.
SAP also licensed our employee engagement system which allows
employees to apply Self-Driven Engagement by personally managing their goals,
career, cashflow and work life balance on an on-going day to day basis.

"The result was that we were able to help SAP transformed their employee engagement
to a point where staff turnover was reduced to the ideal sweet spot of between

"The overall message of the Self-Driven Employee Engagement is that meaningful
engagement is achievable when leaders understand what drives their employees on an
individual level. Human resources leaders need to focus on educating all managers
to create an environment that respects individual needs and embraces self

Ian Hutchinson will be presenting intensive half day Leadership Engagement Alignment
Programs (LEAP) in Sydney on Friday 14th and Wednesday 19th March 2008. Enquiries
can be made by calling on 02 9979 4949 or by visiting the
website - or booking online at

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