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Released on: February 26, 2008, 7:01 pm

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Press Release Summary: Independent 5-year insurance industry forecast for Estonia.
Original insurance market research and insurance sector trend analysis for Estonia's
insurance industry.

Press Release Body: is proud to promote the new report "Insurance
Report Estonia" ( ) from its vast
collection of informative market research reports.
Independent 5-year insurance industry forecast for Estonia.
Original insurance market research and insurance sector trend analysis for Estonia's
insurance industry.
Competitive intelligence, regional insurance company rankings and SWOT analyses on
international and domestic insurance companies in Estonia.
The Estonia Insurance Report has been researched at source and features latest
available data for annual insurance premiums and claims; assets and investments;
5-year insurance industry forecasts for Estonia through end-2012; insurance company
rankings and competitive landscapes for local insurers and multinational insurance
subsidiaries in Estonia; and analysis of the latest insurance industry developments,
trends and regulatory changes in Estonia.
Estonia Insurance Report provides professionals, consultancies, government
departments, regulatory bodies and researchers with independent forecasts and
regional competitive intelligence on the Estonian insurance industry.
Key Benefits
Benchmark It's Independent 5-Year Insurance Industry Forecast on Estonia
to test other views - a key input for successful budgeting and planning in this
strategic insurance market.
Target Business Opportunities & Risks in Estonia\'s Insurance Sector
through our reviews of latest insurance industry trends, regulatory changes, and
major deals, projects and investments in Estonia.
Exploit The Latest Competitive Insurance Intelligence & Company SWOTS
on your competitors and peers in Estonia through our insurance company rankings by
assets, premiums, income, market share, investments and leading products and
Executive Summary
The Sector At A Glance
Key Insights On Estonia\'s Insurance Sector
There are few countries where the insurance industry has developed in such a way
that benefits consumers first and foremost, but Estonia is one of them. By almost
any standard, Estonia is a small market. It always will be. However, it is growing
very rapidly: this is, we suspect, the result of aggressive competition in the
non-life segment and, perhaps to a lesser extent, in the life segment.
Relative to the likely growth in premiums (in absolute terms) over the next five
years, Estonia appears to be crowded with world-class insurance companies.
Hansabank, a titan in the life segment, has sought regulatory approval to enter the
non-life market. However, Estonia\'s Competition Board may yet veto its move: in this
event, we see no reason why Hansabank could not distribute non-life products from
other companies. We doubt that any other foreign majors will seek to enter the
Key Features Of This Report - And Likely Future Changes

As we envisaged earlier this year, this report includes a completely new and updated
Analysis of Competitive Conditions. We have looked at the corporate websites of
around 60 companies to assess where they are active in the non-life and/or the life
segments. We have also considered the likely growth in absolute premiums, both for
the 36 countries that we survey, and for 24 others. A key observation is that there
are many countries where the numbers of cross-border insurance companies are
surprisingly large, given the scale of the market opportunity: conversely, there is
a number of countries where the cross-border insurance companies that are present
are surprisingly small.
In the third quarter of 2006, we hope to improve the Analysis of Competitive
Conditions and to include actual premium statistics for the end of 2005.
Estonia Insurance Sector At A Glance
Key insights into the insurance market, covering industry trends, key players and
the regulatory environment, plus snapshots of life and non-life premium values in
local currency and US$.
Evolution of the Estonian Insurance Market
Analysis of recent developments in the local insurance market, including data on
life and non-life premium values, density and penetration, dating from 1998.
It 5-Year Industry Forecasts for Estonia
Analysis of market growth drivers, including 5-year projections (to end-2011) for
premium values. Forecasts section also includes It risk ratings on local economy,
politics and business environment. Industry indicators covered include:
Number of life and non-life insurance companies; total and per capita
Property/Casualty premiums and claims; total and per capita Life/Health premiums and
claims; total premium income; total claims/expenses; total operating expenses; total
assets and investments; industry density (per capita premiums) and penetration
(premiums as a portion of GDP)
It 5-Year Macroeconomic Forecast for Estonia
It forecasts for all headline macroeconomic indicators, including real GDP growth,
inflation, fiscal balance, trade balance, current account and external debt.
Insurance Company Rankings in Estonia
Comparative company analyses and rankings by premium income (life and non-life).
Insurance Industry Competitive Landscape in Europe
A cross-border overview of key players and their market share across the region.
Tables and graphs show country presence of multinationals throughout the region.
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