KY Group branches out with new office in Bangladesh

Released on: February 21, 2008, 11:43 pm

Press Release Author: APOC

Industry: Industrial

Press Release Summary: Kyang Yhe Delicate Machine Co., Ltd (KY Group), a leading
manufacturer of Needle Loom, is pleased to announce the formation of a new branch
office in Bangladesh. This new KY Group Bangladesh branch will better serve Bengal
customers with local engineering and sales support.

Press Release Body: \"The KY Bengal branch office will provide Bengali customers with
quality and on-site local support, such as engineering service, local sales services
and after sold services,\" Stella Sheen, KY\'s General Manager continued. \"KY is
extremely trading services and has been providing quality Multi-function Needle
Loom, related equipments and materials. We have decided to bring face-to-face
corporate support into Bengal to help strengthen our existing relationships and
build new ones.\"

Sheen believes to push a new customer placing an order is not only depending on the
well brand image but also building trust between each other. So that a skillful
technical team, stable sales team, quality equipment, fast respond, responsibility,
marketing, attending to trade shows and word of mouth are indispensable functions.

KY turned itself into a Needle Loom manufacturer since 1964. For more than four
decades KY holds its spirit of honest, best technology and world-class quality to
serve its customers. Today, it has become one of leading manufacturers in the Needle
Loom field.

For many years, the company\'s core policy is to develop diversification. Its mature
R&D team unceasingly seeks improving both on technical skills and products; in the
meanwhile, KY energetically develops human resources and creates a better working

KY remained composed facing incremental world wide competitors but boasted its
long-standing relationships with vertical and horizontal suppliers and
subcontractors. The company is aimed to become a turnkey consultant. It provides
Needle Loom as main product as well as all related equipments and materials, such
as: label printing machine, Laser Cutting Machine, hook & loop fastening tape,
computerized narrow fabric Jacquard loom, yarn, beam, spare parts and much more.

In fact, KY has already built the strong marketing channels and supply chains
through exporting products and services to more than eighty countries together with
international agents locating in more than twenty countries which include Taiwan,
China, Turkey and Brazil. Besides, KY Group entered China market more than two
decades and owned 9 branched.

Most employees work for KY more than 15 years. Regarding to Sales Manager Simon
Tseng who has dedicated to the company for 20 years, staying with KY would never get
bored due to its completed services make team members brain stone all the time. On
the other hand, open and humanistic administration encouraged employees\' imagination
and their innovation senses. These would help us on incremental innovation and
disruptive innovation where on management, processes or products.

\"Employees are company\'s important asset so that you should treat them with your
truly heart. Once they fell love and warm, they will do much more than your
expectation in return,\" added Sheen.

Additionally, KY\'s manufacturing machines were honored with the title "It\'s very
well made in Taiwan" which is issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)
Taiwan Branding Program. This award is a symbol of excellence, trust and innovation.

No wonder KY has strong power to fact competitors from Europe who provide high-end
quality looms or labor incentive countries who provide low prices machines.

*****Product Focus*****

High Speed Narrow Fabric Needle Loom & Jacquard Needle Loom

This high speed narrow fabric needle loom KFn series is KY\'s major product. It is
available to produce of rigid and elastic tapes such as bras-tape, underpants
elastic tapes cotton tapes, nylon, zipper and more. Jacquard Needle Loom is as known
one of KY\'s major products.

If you are looking for a user-friendly Jacquard needle loom. KY\'s special design KFJ
and VBJ series with computerized jacquard punching system and electronic control
would be best user-friendly Jacquard needle loom for you.
***Please also check the products\' page as below:

High Speed Narrow Fabric Needle Loom :

Jacquard Needle Loom:

Web Site:

Contact Details: Contact Details:
Address: 9F., No. 9, Lane 16, Sec. 2, Szu Chuan Road, Panchiao City Taipei Hsien,
220 Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-89673510(Taiwan) / 86-769-86635598(China)
Fax: 886-2-89673516 17(Taiwan) / 86-769-86635383(China)

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