Kevin Kelly launches the E-Book version of the Best Seller `How When You Don`t Know How`

Released on: February 29, 2008, 8:18 am

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Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: Kevin Kelly, one of Europe\'s and Asia's leading authorities
on motivation, entrepreneurship, leadership, communication, and personal excellence,
has recently launched the \'How? When You Don\'t Know How\' e-book on his site

Press Release Body: Kevin Kelly (, an
Internationally acclaimed speaker on leadership, entrepreneurship, motivation and
personal excellence, has recently launched the e-book version of his Best Selling
book \'How? When You Don\'t Know How\'. The Best Seller, along with his other works,
can be downloaded from -

\"Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Managers need to be aware that employees \'do as you do, not
as you say\'. If you truly want to effect positive change in the workplace, walking
the path of your ideas and philosophies is the first step,\" claims International
Speaker and Best Selling Author Kevin Kelly at the launch of the e-book. Kelly, a
leading authority on entrepreneurial thinking, leadership and motivation added that
\"authenticity\" was the only effective approach in terms of staff retention and
empowerment and \"A necessary approach in the current challenging business

His Best Selling title \'How?When You Don\'t Know How\' was the result of Kelly
challenging himself to integrate his own ideas. He set the goal of making his first
book a best seller, although challenged by a poor academic background in English, no
previous writing experience, no publisher and \'no hope\' in many peoples\' minds!
Kelly continued to focus on the goal avoiding the negative soothsayers and the rest,
as they say, is history.

\"The focus of the book is to provide potential entrepreneurs, leaders, managers with
a toolbook of skills that will help jumpstart their personal and organisational
potential. The new leader/entrepreneur needs to adopt an inside out approach - get
your mental landscape in order and watch your business goals materialise in the
external world,\" claims Kelly who is now off to Hong Kong where he will be
addressing audiences on entrepreneurial thinking.

Having developed and nurtured potential entrepreneurs in Ireland - one of the most
successful economies in the world - for the past 10 years, he is now bringing his
expertise to South East Asia, a place which Kevin Kelly calls \"another growing

You can buy the E-book directly from:

About Kevin Kelly:

Kevin Kelly is an internationally acclaimed speaker on leadership, entrepreneurship,
motivation, communication and personal excellence. Author of the best-selling \'How?
When You Don\'t Know How\' and other books and CDs, he is known in Ireland as the
\'coach behind the Celtic Tiger\' for his work with existing and potential
entrepreneurs. For over 17 years, Kevin Kelly has been actively involved in holding
seminars and workshops throughout Europe, UK and the US.

Kevin Kelly also runs a popular "one minute clinic" of leadership & motivation
videos which can be viewed at:

Kevin Kelly

Web Site:

Contact Details: Kevin Kelly

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