Lifeline For Meds Provides Access To Free Meds From U S Drug Makers For Uninsured US Residents

Released on: February 13, 2008, 7:23 pm

Press Release Author: Lifeline For Meds

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Lifeline For Meds helps uninsured U.S. residents obtain free
or low-cost medicines from the Patient Assistance Programs of U.S. pharmaceutical

Press Release Body: Lifeline For Meds, a prescription assistance advocacy
organization based in Edina, Minnesota, has launched a nationwide program to help
uninsured, underinsured and under-served populations receive their prescription
medications for free or low-cost from U.S. pharmaceutical drug manufacturers. They
facilitate enrollment into programs that offer free or very low-cost medications,
whether they are government-sponsored, corporate-sponsored or, most often, free
drugs offered through the Patient Assistance Programs of U.S. drug companies.

Most U.S. drug makers offer their name-brand medications for free or very low cost
to those who do not have prescription drug insurance and cannot easily afford their
medicines. Patients who are successfully enrolled in these programs receive their
drugs in 90-day doses, shipped directly from the drug makers' Patient Assistance
Programs (PAPs) to the customer's doctor's office or clinic for pickup. Over 1,600
medications are available from hundreds of U.S. drug makers, and it is estimated
that the retail value of drugs distributed for free in 2006 was more than six
billion dollars

Eligibility is open to residents (citizenship is usually not required) of the U.S.
and its territories, provided that they do not have prescription drug insurance and
find it difficult to pay for their prescription medicine. These free or low-cost med
programs are not insurance plans, therefore people cannot be disqualified based on
their age, health condition or employment status.

Lifeline For Meds simplifies the application process by taking just one application
per patient, no matter how many prescriptions are needed. They then prepare
individual enrollment packages for the manufacturer of each drug needed, working as
a liaison between the patient, prescribing doctor or clinic, and the drug makers to
obtain patient approval for free or low-cost prescriptions. Additionally, they
manage and coordinate all follow-up paperwork to keep free medications and refills
flowing to their customers without interruption.

Lifeline For Meds uses third-party services and paid staff to manage their
prescription assistance program. They confirm availability of a customer's
medications before taking their application. There is a one-time enrollment fee per
extended family, and a small monthly fee for each medication when the patient
receives their shipment. Applications are taken by phone Monday through Saturday at
noon, CST.

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Contact Details:
Please contact:
JD Wilson, Prescription Assistance Manager
Lifeline For Meds Patient Assistance Programs
Edina, Minnesota, USA

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