LoteSoft Co releases TrafficRefine 2 02

Released on: February 8, 2008, 1:30 am

Press Release Author: LoteSoft Co.

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: An easy-to-use and effective tool for parental control of
Internet traffic

Press Release Body: What is TrafficRefine?

TrafficRefine is an easy to use and effective tool for your home or small
office computers. With it you can control internet traffic, set restrictions and
permissions on user accounts basis.

Internet is an almost infinite source of all kinds of information. It can help you a
lot in an education process by giving a descriptive answer to any question. It
connects you with your friends and saves you from being bored. But it is also a
source of different sorts of undesired content: adult resources, viruses, spyware,

As a computer user you need to protect your system from malicious software and as a
parent you evidently want Internet to be as safe as possible for your child.

TrafficRefine is a personal network filter which is used to restrict access
to particular Internet resources from a local computer. The program was developed
with parental control in mind and combines necessary functionality with extreme
simplicity of use. There are several basic restrictions that can be applied to any
user account created in the Windows system:

- Deny access to all websites belonging to selected predefined categories;
- Define your own list of restricted websites using a black-list;
- Setup a schedule when a user can access Internet.

You can also greatly enhance security, save network traffic and speedup overall
Internet surfing speed by enabling ads filter and defining your own access
restriction rules for the web sites with undesired content.

What\'s new in TrafficRefine 2.02?

LoteSoft Co. developers completely changed program interface to make it more
attractive and user-friendly.

Now it became even easier for an average user to catch up with program logic and
define rules for protecting their children from undesired internet content.

Finally the program comes with multiple languages support: English and Russian in
this release and more are planned to be added.


- Control downloadable files by their types - restrict access to potentially unsafe
or undesired content;
- Control web sites access by their categories - this feature lets you block
thousands of web sites of a particular thematic with just one mouse click;
- Limit days and time when a user can use Internet access - the program provides
simple and clear interface for defining day/time restrictions;
- Define black lists for each user - define your own list of web resources that
should be blocked;
- Fine tune web access with the use of white lists;
- View logs of all accessed web resources - who, what and when;
- Multilanguage user interface;
- Childproof interface - only selected users can configure or uninstall the program.


TrafficRefine 2.02 is available now and may be downloaded through program\'s
Web site at http://TrafficRefine.com

Web Site: http://trafficrefine.com/

Contact Details: Address: 16 Shluzovaya str., apt. 37, Novosibirsk
Russian Federation

Phone Number:
Email: foo@trafficrefine.com

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