Luxury Travel On A Budget

Released on: February 2, 2008, 9:12 am

Press Release Author: Scott Westfahl

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: How does one week in a 4 or 5 star resort for only $298
sound? Global Resorts Network makes it possible to travel like the rich and famous
all while not breaking the bank. This luxury travel membership is an outstanding
value and can save you thousands of dollars.

Press Release Body: Global Resorts Network sprang onto the market less than 1 year
ago, but is already making a splash in the travel industry. GRN has partnered with
one of the leading luxury travel membership providers of the last two decades.
Through referral marketing, GRN is offering this prestigious membership to the
general public for the first time ever. In the past, this travel membership was only
available by private sales presentation at a cost of $10,000+ and only to a select
few. According to Alfonso Moreales, president and CEO of GRN, \"Upon discovering and
studying the benefits of the membership offered through Global Resorts Network, LLC,
I determined that there is no better option available in the marketplace today, for
luxury resort travel\".

Global Resorts Network now makes it possible for the average vacationer to travel
the world and see places they never thought they would. A one week stay in 4 & 5
star resorts costs members $298-$699 for the whole family (not per person). Resorts
that face world class golf courses, breathtaking views of the mountains, or
beautiful ocean views, many of which are only available otherwise through a
timeshare purchase. Travelers have the flexiblity to
vacation anytime of the year, even during peak seasons, with no restrictions or
blackout dates. Couple these prices with easy online booking and outstanding
customer service and this makes for a force in the travel industry sure to be around
for a long time.

Global Resorts Network when compared to timeshare purchase or other travel
memberships is very affordable. They offer packages starting at $1495 for a 3 yr
gold membership and $2995 for a lifetime platinum membership. The platinum
membership is fully transferable for a $75 dollar fee, so it can be passed on to a
family member much like a timeshare. The gold membership allows 3 weeks of travel
per year while the platinum membership offers unlimited
vacation weeks per year. Another great benefit is there are no annual fees or dues
associated with purchase of this membership.

If you think this may be a product you could benefit from please visit for more information.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Scott Westfahl
Global Resorts Network
Independant Sales Rep

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