Mareew File Recovery 11

Released 02.03.2008, Mareew Company,

Released on: February 26, 2008, 2:09 pm

Press Release Author: File Recovery

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: Locate and undelete files and documents with free preview

Press Release Body: Locate and undelete files and documents that were lost ages ago.
A step-by-step Recovery Wizard combined with advanced undelete technologies make
Mareew File Recovery a perfect data recovery tool.

Have you attempted to recover your files with free undelete software, and failed?
Mareew File Recovery uses highly sophisticated technologies to locate and recover
deleted files and documents. Instead of relying on the file system exclusively,
Mareew File Recovery reads the entire surface of the hard drive to locate each and
every recoverable file. Supporting over a hundred of various formats, Mareew File
Recovery is able to find and undelete Microsoft Office documents, digital images,
ZIP and RAR archives, text files and HTML pages, audio and video.

Recover damaged and partially overwritten files just as easily! Mareew File Recovery
carefully examines the recovered files and performs the necessary corrections to
ensure that the file is in the correct format and can be opened in a viewer or

The easy file recovery wizard can be used by anyone to undelete files in the most
complex situations. Explorer-like user interface with drag-and-drop support,
step-by-step operation and modern user interface make Mareew File Recovery as simple
and user-friendly as it comes. Support of all versions of Windows and all revisions
of FAT and NTFS, native RAID and Dynamic Disks, as well as a variety of flash memory
drives and cards make Mareew File Recovery truly universal data recovery software.

Locate and preview the recoverable files for absolutely free! The free version of
Mareew File Recovery comes with the Live Preview feature that is guaranteed to
recover a file if the preview is displayed. You have only so many chances to recover
deleted files until they are lost forever. Increase your chances of successful
recovery and make the right choice of a data recovery tool!

Tri it free at

Web Site:

Contact Details: Address: Krap str, 6/129, Lugansk

Phone Number: 80504768009

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