Martinis, Men and Manicures

Released on: February 12, 2008, 5:12 pm

Press Release Author: Mark Barton

Industry: Apparel & Fashion

Press Release Summary: It's has been proven that the way we feel about ourselves has
a direct effect on our professional skill level and the many people around us. It's
time for men to start feeling good about themselves again. With a client base of
over 1000 men world wide we can truly say that The Executive Barber Spa deserves a 5
star rating with it\'s superior class of service for men.

Press Release Body: Martinis, Manicures and Men?

In the world of contemporary men the definition of Metrosexual truly is a word that
defines the many men of prestige in Atlanta Georgia 2008. [ mttrō skshoo əl ] (plural


young straight stylish urban man: a young, straight, sensitive urban man who is
unashamed to enjoy good clothes, stylish living, the art of decorating, and
improving his personal appearance ( informal )

[mid-20th century.] adjective.

An Atlanta Based Barber Spa has truly captivated the attention of many men who enjoy
enhancing their personal appearances while being in an environment that has all the
elements of masculinity attached.

Sean Johnson, co-owner of The Executive Barber Spa in Atlanta, says he believes that
men not only want their own specialized services, but
they need them as well. \"We find that men traditionally do not want to enter an
environment they perceive as a woman\'s domain. That is why we cater to the things
most men are drawn to.\"

Established in 2003 The Executive Barber Spa has created a full-service spa that
caters to male business professionals with the following services and features:

* Plasma TV screens, including one in the bathroom
* Shoe shining service
* Complimentary cocktails
* A full-service lounge with reclining chairs, Internet access and plasma TV
* Standard Haircut that includes shampoo, scalp massage, hot facial towel and
back massage
* Hot shave
* Concierge services such as booking reservations at fine restaurants, luxury
car rentals and wedding anniversary reminder.

Many of these "for men only barber spa services" have exploded across the U.S within
the turn of the new millennium. Being a man with an impeccable image is no longer
reserved for Hollywood Actors. It's a basic principal that women can no longer hold
claim to.
If you look good you feel good.

Web Site:

Contact Details: The Executive Barber Spa
360 Pharr Rd Suite 3021
Atlanta, GA 30305
404 869-4000

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