Mineral Make-up at Affordable Prices

Released on: February 24, 2008, 12:00 pm

Press Release Author: Laura


Press Release Summary: Mineral make-up at affordable prices, great for teens, tweens
and women of all ages.

Press Release Body: The newest and biggest boom in the make-up industry is Mineral
make-up. Most of this make-up that we find located in stores and kiosks are above
prices of what we would like to pay, but yet we find a way to pay the big bucks, for
make-up that if we looked for it could find at a reasonable price. Bare minerals are
becoming one of the most popular of the companies out their selling mineral make-up;
it also has a nice price tag to go with it. The trick with make up is to make like
you don\'t have any on.

The wonderful thing with mineral make-up that everyone loves is that it blends into
your skin, and it is so light that it feels like you hardly have any on. Mineral
make-up actually ends up enhancing your skin tone as well as covering it up.
Problems with skin can happen at times when stressed or at it certain times of the
month, with mineral make up it actually covers and doesn\'t look like you are trying
to hide the pimple. What is the best reason to like mineral make up, you know how
midday, make can have a melt down? Not with mineral make up it lasts. A great
selling point of this makeup is that it will not clog the pores, unlike some makeup,
it doesn\'t cause break outs, it so light and airy it allows the skin to breathe.
This is perfect for the teenage girl.
A great place to find a mineral makeup with out paying the high price of Bare
Minerals is Mineral Girlz and they are located at http://ljames.mymineralgirlz.com.

Mineral Girlz was founded by Evie McLarty, a mom of four daughters. As her girls got
older Evie discovered that there was a great need for attention to tweens and teen
girls in the area of skin care. \"Most of these girls are at a delicate age and I
wanted a way to teach them something they will use everyday, how to apply makeup and
care for their skin. Most girls start using makeup that contains ingredients that
are harmful to their skin so they breakout and give up on skin care and makeup.
Mineral Girlz makeup is formulated to help clear the skin as they wear it; it also
has natural SPF protection, which protects them from damaging UV rays. We give girls
the knowledge of skin care and makeup application, something they will have
The prices are very reasonable prices about a third of the cost of Bare Minerals and
just as effective. If you like a discount on the make up they even offer for you to
be a consultant. Mineral Girlz is definably a site to check out if you want mineral
make up, http://ljames.mymineralgirlz.com

Web Site: http://ljames.mymineralgirlz.com

Contact Details: 95 Chapalina Cres

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