More companies need to collect web content

Released on: February 28, 2008, 9:43 pm

Press Release Author: Ficstar Software

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: As the media grows, so does dependence on it by virtually any
business, a report suggests

Press Release Body: A recent report suggests that the number of companies
which need to use information from the Internet on a daily basis has reached record
levels over the last few years. Over 75% of today's businesses, both web-based on
traditional, need to access various types of data from the World Wide Web.

A recent announcement claimed that the British Library is planning to expand a
voluntary scheme for collecting non-print materials to include content from web
sites in 2008. Other libraries around the world have also acknowledged the
importance of the Internet and collect web content to include in their databases.
State and privately-owned libraries are a good example of a sector that has recently
started to exploit web content much more than before.

Another group of companies is that of online directories. They need to collect
contact and company information, and to keep it constantly updated, as it changes
virtually by the minute. A good example here are price-comparison web sites that
collect information from a large number of outlets and need to have the most
recently updated data every day in order to be able to perform their role on the
Web. Contacts and product information are also often collected for the purposes of
promotional campaigns in order to identify target companies and compile mailing

The collection of web content is also very popular in the field of scientific
research and is used by both scientific communities and individual researcher.

These recent developments have been very much facilitated by the emergence of
various software solutions particularly intended to help companied collect web
content. One such product is the very popular Ficstar Web Grabber. It provides
efficient, fully-automated web data extraction that eliminates the time, mistakes,
and expenses associated with manually finding, collecting, and saving web content.
Web Grabber dynamically locates and captures information from target sites, and
automatically transforms it into a text file, Excel spreadsheet, or any database
format. The solution can be fully-customized to access any static or dynamic data,
including text and images, from virtually any web site.

The Website Grabber is developed by Ficstar Software, Inc., a Toronto-based provider
of powerful web data extraction and data mining solutions. The company specializes
in developing powerful, innovative solutions that help organizations quickly,
accurately, and cost-effectively capture and save information from targeted web

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