Much-hyped software on dream interpretation finally launched

Released on: February 26, 2008, 6:24 am

Press Release Author: Softing Media Engineering

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: Softing Media Engineering succeeded to create a first in
software using the science of natural language processing combined with ancient I
CHING philosophy to translate dreams.

Press Release Body: Softing Media Engineering, a global software development
company, has announced the launch of its latest software innovation, I CHING

I CHING DREAMTELLER is a program that helps users easily interpret the meaning of
their dreams using the ancient Chinese practice of I CHING and the Book of Changes.
With its Dream Interpretation Wizard, the program leads the user to the correct
oracle within the Book of Changes with a series of step-by-step on-screen
instructions, yielding over 400 different dream interpretations.

The program features linguistics software that has over 85% natural language
processing ability and the ability to interpret an endless number of dream
variations that a user inputs in his/her own words. I CHING DREAMTELLER's semantic
network supports both English and German, therefore processing interpretations in
both languages.

Additionally, I CHING DREAMTELLER offers added privacy and security when storing
data within the program. The Dream Content Archive allows a user to save a dream and
its content with a security password, providing extra assurance against unauthorized
access to the user's dreams.

The design and features of I CHING DREAMTELLER allows users to skip the complex
procedures of traditional I CHING and substitute a simple-to-use program for the
entire process. The easy-to-follow layout of on-screen instructions allow dreams to
be decoded in a matter of minutes. I CHING DREAMTELLER gives users a reliable point
of reference each time a user has a dream or dream reoccurrence that makes a
particular impact on the user.

I CHING DREAMTELLER is now available on Free demo also

About Softing Media:

Softing Media Engineering is a software company specializing in creating dedicated
software that combines the power of mathematics with the science of natural language
processing. With a development team that spans from the US to Germany and Eastern
Europe, Softing Media makes flexible software that better understands human input
and helps people make sound decisions.

In addition to I CHING DREAMTELLER, the company stands behind a portfolio that
includes products such as NameYourBaby, KIBRITS Game, and Find On Internet.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Softing Media Engineering
142 Milford Street
Rochester, NY 14615
+1 303 800 5398

Vesna Budzevski
Marketing Manager

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