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Released on: February 14, 2008, 9:02 am

Press Release Author: My Music Tools

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Easy and hassle-free duplicate files removal tool with some
cool features!

Press Release Body: Modern hard drives can easily hold up to tens and hundreds of
thousands files. As we don\'t really need to save disk space these days, we often
toss files around, create backups, make multiple copies of folders and then
completely forget about them. However, this can hardly be called a rational way of
storing data, let alone the fact that it creates a mess in your computer. When you
think that the time has come to clean up and eradicate the obvious file redundancy,
you suddenly realize that it will take you days to manually compare and delete
duplicate files. If this is exactly the problem you are facing or will face in the
nearest future, relax, as you are not in much of a trouble. Advanced Duplicates
Finder will do the trick.

Advanced Duplicates Finder possesses a simple wizard-driven interface which guides
you through the process. This compact application was specifically designed to
automate the process of searching, identifying and deleting duplicate and void files
scatted across your hard drive or any other media. Which is more, this software
finds MP3 files with similar ID3 tags, similar images and files with similar names
and size. In practice, it allows you save disk space by removing multiple instances
of the same song or delete sets of test shots that your camera made in the burst
mode. Not only does Duplicates Finder allow you to remove such files, but it also
gives you an opportunity to move them to an isolated folder and then restore
retaining the original location. It comes really handy when you just want to get rid
of the mess, but doubt the necessity to actually delete the files. Yet another
option is to find duplicate files and then save their paths to a text file. This
will help you do the cleanup in the future, but not waste time on searching for the
files again. Finally, the application is capable of searching ZIP archives as well.

That said, are you still having doubts that the handy tool is something your
software set can stay without?

Web Site:

Contact Details: Address: Pacific Business Centre,, Seattle
United States of America

Phone Number: 206-309-0821

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