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Released on: February 5, 2008, 11:44 am

Press Release Author: James M Sleighter / President

Industry: Biotech

Press Release Summary: Imagine being able to detect breast and prostate cancer at it's earliest stage, or even before it begins.

Press Release Body: ViroTech LLC announces its breakthrough cancer discovery…

ViroTech LLC announces its breakthrough discovery of the new HIV-like human cancer virus. The company’s Vice President, Dr. Eva M. Rakowicz-Szulczynska has discovered and described this retrovirus several years ago but official classification of this new retrovirus was just recently approved by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Genetic sequences and proteins of the virus were already deposited in the GenBank and are known in literature as Rakowicz (RAK) markers or RAK genes and RAK antigens. This novel virus is exogenous, and probably has derived from the same ancestor as HIV. ViroTech LLC has proved that the HIV-like human cancer virus stays invisible in the DNA of blood lymphocytes of many currently healthy people. When the new virus becomes active, it relocates to the reproductive organs, including breast, ovary, uterus, and vulva in women and prostate or testis in men, starting the process of malignant transformation. There are many known infectious cancer viruses in animals, and some viruses are also known to be associated with human cancers. However, in contrast to any other human viruses, which show only some links to cancer, this new HIV-like human cancer virus is present in 100% of breast, ovarian, uterine and prostate cancer cases, while it is completely absent in healthy tissues, and in the blood of non-infected individuals.

ViroTech LLC has developed and clinically tested a novel comprehensive diagnostic system, which allows detection of the gene RAK alpha of this HIV-like human cancer virus long before cancer develops. Inexpensive and non-invasive blood tests are developed by ViroTech LLC for the virus detection.

ViroTech LLC has also developed other diagnostic tests to monitor virus activation and relocation to specific organs. For example, detection of the viral DNA in the tissue biopsy can be monitored much earlier than cancer is detected by traditional pathological tests. New diagnostic tests would allow starting therapy even before cancer develops. In the future, peptide vaccines and DNA vaccines would be developed for cancer prevention.

ViroTech LLC has successfully completed pre-clinical and clinical evaluation of its proprietary diagnostic tests in the USA and Europe, while using over 4000 volunteers. With NCBI-GenBank official classification of this novel lentivirus, ViroTech LLC expects to get expedited regulatory approvals from the Food and Drug Administration. The final confirmatory trials for the first breast cancer test kit have to be performed under FDA supervision in three independent US cancer centers with 200 patients per center, giving a total of 600 altogether. ViroTech LLC expects to complete the first part of the trials within eight months and the final part within a few months later. Assuming funding is raised early in 2008, final approval by the FDA is expected by the end of the last quarter of 2009, with sales beginning in mid 2010.

The company has protected its core intellectual property by means of a number of key patents. These allow the company to exclusively utilize MAb RAK BrI, as well as also protect a number of other key compounds.

There is little direct competition to ViroTech LLC in terms of its technology, rather ViroTech LLC is competing against existing techniques. ViroTech LLC’s approach is cheaper and more accurate than current approaches, such as mammograms. In addition, ViroTech LLC’s technology is the only one which allows detecting pre-cancerous changes occurring in reproductive organs of the currently healthy people.

Substantial equity in the company is available through a private stock offering and multibillion dollar markets should be anticipated. ViroTech LLC is currently reviewing sites in Daytona Beach, Florida for a new research Laboratory to continue work on this amazing discovery.

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