Nomadic Museum Taps Portable Storage Construction

Released on: February 28, 2008, 3:32 am

Press Release Author: Self Storage Promotions

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: The National Portable Storage Association offers the latest
example of how containers offer sustainable solutions to many industries.

Press Release Body: KANSAS CITY, MO. (FEBRUARY 28, 2008) - It\'s been said that
beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While some municipalities have relegated
portable storage containers to \"eye sore\" status, art lovers are appreciating
containerized storage for its inherent beauty.

Constructed entirely of portable storage containers, The Nomadic Museum is currently
traveling through Mexico City to display Gregory Colbert\'s Ashes to Snow exhibit.
The museum is the permanent traveling home of the photographic display. Colbert got
the idea for a sustainable traveling museum in 1999. He envisioned a sustainable
structure that could easily be assembled in ports of call around the world.
Containerized storage was the answer.

\"Containerized storage never ceases to amaze me. Colbert is proving that these
structures are dynamic and their uses are up to your imagination,\" said John
Finnessy, CMP, Executive Director the National Portable Storage Association, or
NPSA, a nonprofit membership association dedicated to the advancement of the
portable storage industry. \"Colbert continues to collaborate with innovative
architects to integrate the most recent advances in sustainable architecture. I
can\'t wait to see what he comes up with next.\"

Colbert\'s first Nomadic Museum was built using 152 steel portable storage
containers. The containers were stacked 34 feet high, and relied on recyclable and
reusable materials to serve as the structural elements. In one configuration, the
container-based museum offered 5,300 square meters of display space to host two
galleries and three theaters.

\"The Nomadic Museum may not qualify as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, but it
is definitely one of the wonders of the container world,\" said NPSA Operations
Manager Joel Rathbone. \"The bottom line is containerized storage units are a
sustainable solution for many challenges, from shipping and storage to housing and

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The National Portable Storage Association
The National Portable Storage Association is dedicated to the advancement of the
portable storage industry. We at the NPSA are here to serve those in the portable
storage industry who rent, sell or lease containers, trailers and mobile offices.
The NPSA assists members with industry, regulatory and workforce issues; plus,
offers members networking, marketing and legislative support at national, state and
local levels.

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