OzFree`s Guide to Buying Mobile Phones Online

Released on: February 27, 2008, 8:29 pm

Press Release Author: Mei Galang

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: When planning for a new mobile phone, shopping online is your
best option because it has made buying a mobile phone easier, faster and more

Press Release Body: When planning for a new mobile phone, shopping online is your
best option. The first step is window shopping or should I say site hopping.
Internet offers the convenience of browsing from several websites, you can choose
from the official brand websites to mobile phone retailers sites. You can also use
the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN to do a research on the
available cellphone units. Some websites also offers review on each unit, this could
help you in deciding the best phone for your budget and specifications.

The main convenience of online shopping is that you can read about the product
details and view it's images until you're satisfied and without any salesperson
standing behind your back. You can view different mobile phone brands and units
without feeling ashamed of being too picky or annoying. This is important since
mobile phones can cost a lot so you need to do an extensive comparison of the
available phones. Look into each feature, price and even reviews or testimonials by
people who owns the same phone.

Below are some of OzFree's important tips when buying mobile phones online:

1. Determine the kind of phone that you are looking for. What are the basic mobile
phone features that you need? How much talk time will the battery last? Does it
support a SMS feature? What are the dimensions of the phone? Do you want a slide up,
slide down, flip up, big or small cellphone? Which brand do you trust Nokia, Sony
Erickson, Motorola or other big and small companies. There are a lot of choices so
you should decide on what are the most important basic feature you consider that
would support your purpose, either being a tech junkie, for business or personal

2. Back in the old days a phone is used for calling but these days it has evolved
vastly. It can come with different functions like a camera or video capabilities,
Bluetooth technology, 3G, phone memory, recorder, radio, mp3 player, even TV and
all that you can imagine. Don't be shocked if one day it can also cook dinner for
you because mobile companies are pushing the envelope to further make cellphones a
necessity in every person's life.

3. After sorting your "must have" features, research for mobile phones that have
these features that you like. You may be confused for this step because of the wide
selection of phones that contains your "must have" features but some of your option
might lack few feature but you might like the design or the overall appeal.

4. Decide your payment method, either paying in cash, credit car or contract. Your
decision can be based on many factors, if you have a cash in hand you can pay
outright but you can also choose to pay a monthly bill to cover the price.
Basically, choose the method that won't leave you broke.

5. The deciding factor could be your budget for the mobile phone. Your lucky enough
if you can afford not to set a range for your phone's price but most of the people
need to set a specific limit to keep up with their budget. Aside from the phone's
price, consider if the website shoulders the delivery cost or will add an additional

6. It pays to be resourceful when shopping online because several web sites offer
great deals and discounts. You can buy mobile phones for a cheaper price since there
are no dealer fee added. Some promotional tactics offered by websites are free
coupons for their raffle, T-shirt or pen.

Online shopping have made buying a mobile phone easier, faster and more convenient.
When you are planning to buy one for yourself, determine what you want then research
for the available models and services that suits you, your budget and lifestyle.

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