Paragent, LLC Open Source IT Management Software Is Now Available Via Free

Released on: February 15, 2008, 3:43 am

Press Release Author: Jeff Cheesman / Paragent, LLC

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: Download Muncie, Indiana, United States, January 23, 2008-
Paragent, LLC, an open source IT management software provider is now offering its
software by means of a free download via its main website and Google Code.

Press Release Body:
Paragent open source IT management software offers a variety of benefits to fit
almost any organization. Some of the features that come included with its IT
management software are the ability to collect accurate and real time data on
hardware and software inventory across all your networked computers, real time
alerts to allow your IT support staff to be proactive and effectively reduce
downtime, seamless remote desktop functionality to giving your IT support staff the
ability to access a remote computer and fix critical issues, run diagnostics,
upgrade software or simply walk a user through a complicated task and an integrated
help desk to make it extremely efficient for your IT support staff to manage
tickets, view alerts and enhance productivity.

Paragent offers a wide range of services and support options via its IT management
open source software- making it convenient and affordable to implement on almost any
network. Downloading Paragent's IT management software is available for free via
Google code or their main website. Hosting, support and appliances are also
extremely affordable. For instance, premium support by Paragent can cost less than
70 cents per computer, per month and there a variety of other options available as

For those looking for ultimate flexibility and affordability, Paragent IT management
software is known throughout the industry for not only being extremely easy to use
and implement, but also the ideal solution for getting the job done.

About Paragent, LLC
Established in July 2003, Paragent is a privately held, Muncie, Indiana-based
company specializing in IT management software. The company recently expanded,
adding offices at the Flagship Enterprise Center. Paragent provides IT professionals
with real-time, on-demand data and information about their networked computers.
Information can be accessed securely from any web browser in the world.

Paragent is hosting the open source project on Google Code at Code is also available on Paragent's main website at
the following link: The open source code is available free
for download by anyone. - END

Web Site:

Contact Details: Contact Person - Jeff Cheesman
Company Name - Paragent, LLC
Voice Phone Number - 800-839-9625
FAX Number - 317-664-7993
Email Address -
Website URL -

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