Picking The Gender Of Your Next Baby

Released on: February 4, 2008, 12:51 pm

Press Release Author: waseem dar

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: New ebook by Ashley Spencer promises to help you select the
gender of your next baby in a natural manner.

Press Release Body: To understand the truth of gender selection methods on the
market today we should first cover the basics of semen. Generally, semen contains
sperm cells with 50% being female (X-Chromosomes) and 50% being male
(Y-Chromosomes). This is important to choosing the sex of your baby when you
understand the characteristics of each chromosome bearing sperm. The X-Chromosome is
slower, bigger, stronger, and more resilient while the Y-Chromosome is faster,
smaller, less resilient and sensitive to heat.

An important gender selection factor that most people are simply not aware is the
fact that the environment of the woman's reproductive tract could be either too
acidic or too alkaline and kill the "Y" sperm or "X" sperm. Since the male sperm are
weaker a highly acidic tract is a harsh environment for them to survive in, when
they are eliminated the only ones left are "X" sperm, producing a girl. On the other
hand alkalinity favors the conception of a baby boy as it will act as a booster to
the "Y" sperm since they are faster and will easily beat the slower "X" sperm to the

Scientific researches have demonstrated that the woman's reproductive tract acidity
level will have a direct impact on the gender of the baby she conceives. So in
conclusion no matter which gender selection method you choose you could still fail
at choosing the sex of your baby if you are either too acidic or too alkaline. There
are two factors that have a direct impact on the mother's pH level, a woman's orgasm
and her diet.

When a woman has an orgasm her body releases a substance that makes her pH a little
more alkaline but it has not been determined in this theory how concentrated the
substance is and whether it will efficiently alter the reproductive tract
environment. Diet alterations to influence the pH level must take place starting
about 6-8 weeks before conception and during conception up until the woman gets
pregnant. Most scientist agree that mineral supplements are the way to go about
altering the reproductive tract but first you must test your urine or saliva to know
where you pH stands in order to know where to begin shifting it.
So we have now learned the importance of the reproductive tract's environment and
diet to choosing the sex of your baby but there is one further step to increasing
accuracy in gender selection. The idea is to time sexual intercourse in advance of
ovulation with certain timing being more likely to yield girls or boys. The logic is
to have intercourse 3 to 4 days before ovulation so that virtually all the male "Y"
sperm will have died off in order to conceive a girl. On the other hand you would
have intercourse at or very close to ovulation to hopefully yield a son.

Many theories and opinions abound in trying to choose the sex of your baby but if
you really want to learn a step by step plan to have a baby boy or baby girl visit
here for more details http://pick-gender.articalz.com

Web Site: http://pick-gender.articalz.com

Contact Details: Waseem Dar

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