Poet in solitude Voice out of silence

Released on: February 17, 2008, 11:27 pm

Press Release Author: Shannon Hughes

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: 2008 upcoming book release: Love\'s Footsteps
dedicated to a Bridge for Wisdom to Walk on

A mysterious poet delivers the first of five poetry books in series with more than
100 poems, wide-ranging in topics, many inspired by true stories while alongside,
photographs and art, by nature. The poet is .D. LuCxeed, of whom we only know the
name. Unconventional fashion to release a new title, though not to readers\'
disadvantage, sparing minds, fresh, to hear a passionate voice out of long silence,
to enjoy Poem in Art, Poetry in Gallery.

Press Release Body: Visit www.loves-footsteps.com to see the front/back covers,
table of contents and poem excerpts with art images, touched by a poet\'s passion for
love, for wisdom. Voice and visual art under one roof, engaging with thought and
philosophy, aesthetic delight and sense of humor.

Poetry from life is presented to Life. \"Chuckles from the Top of Everest\", \"Almost
Romance\", \"Unburned Bridge for Wisdom to Walk on\" speak for the universal longings,
as does \"Love\'s Footsteps\" -
\"I search for Love\'s footsteps,
as many do,
scattered along the pageless B.C.,
between the lines of modern times,
into future history dotted on silicon chips,
stretching in an infinite space.\"

Each poem is a song, hummed in the poet\'s soul. Lyrical with life\'s rhythm, \"Half
Soul\'s Hope\" ponders over life\'s myth. \"Mercy, My Lord of Fame\" conveys a keen
sense of humor while others are philosophically intriguing, as \"Antinomy\", \"Math &
Poem\" and \"Off the Train of Morrow\". Many are inspired by true stories - hear a
real-life hero\'s say before \"He Fell\"; feel the heartbreaking \"Cry of an Unborn Son
beside a Flag-Draped Coffin\". \"A Little Sad Shadow\" brings us to one snowy night
based on true events: \"Encircled by
Frontier of Blue. / Air is crystal. Sound sealed by icy glue. / Little spots, round
and shallow, / Scatter over the snow /... loyally follow / The soulful, tiny

Poet in solitude. Voice out of long silence. Poems emerge along a lonely path. The
logic behind a self-imposed solitary life for years? Stories from adventure after
adventure? To respect the author\'s wishes, the publisher cannot tell much more
about the poet beyond the poems, exquisite photographs and art. Let\'s guess our

However, the website for the book, www.loves-footsteps.com, delivers one certainty -
\"Love\'s Footsteps dedicated to a Bridge for Wisdom to Walk on\", is indeed
uncommon. A wonderful gift, inspirational and motivational.


Web Site: http://www.loves-footsteps.com/

Contact Details: Media Contact: Shannon Hughes, hello@poem-in-art.com. Unavailable
for interview. Visit www.loves-footsteps.com for front/back covers, table of
contents and poem excerpts with art images. Higher resolution files of the front and
back covers are provided upon request.

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