Property Research Just Got Easier

Released on: February 19, 2008, 5:00 am

Press Release Author: Earthware

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: Earthware, in partnership with London Executive have launched
their new mapping solution which makes finding property, using the internet, so much
easier than it has ever been before.

Press Release Body: Searching for property on the internet just got easier with the
launch of Earthware's new mapping solution. It uses the best available imagery, and
clever "in map searching" so that you never have to leave the map to do your
property research. It will help to prevent wasted visits to properties you would
never buy if you knew a little more about them in the first place.

Earthware's launch partner, London Executive, is a niche market real estate agency
that deals solely with prime central London properties. "We manage the residential
property portfolios of international investors and often purchase real estate on
their behalf. We want to convey important information to our clients such as the
heights of adjacent buildings and the density of street parking spaces. This type of
information is very difficult to convey on existing mapping solutions. Earthware's
crystal clear imagery of London streets is the perfect solution. This is property
viewing from a different angle and we expect this to add further value to the
exclusive properties we currently market", announced Georges Verdis, Chief
Technology Officer of London Executive. He further added that "Earthware's product
seamlessly embedded into our website and we are really pleased with the results and
have had great feedback from our customers."

The London bird's eye views can now be experienced on and
to see the range of mapping products offered by Earthware, visit

Web Site:

Contact Details: Neil Osmond

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