Review on `Tuber vs Solanars - Strategy`

Released on: February 21, 2008, 12:26 am

Press Release Author: Aleksey Novikov

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: Review on a new exciting strtagy game with puzzle elements
\"Tuber vs Solanars: Strategy\"

Press Release Body: If you have not met Tuber before in \"Adventures of Tuber: The
Map of Treasure\", you have a chance to do it now. In a new game "Tuber vs Solanars"
we are meeting the same character but this time Tuber is not just a peaceful
adventurer. Tuber is still a cheerful guy, but now he is a cunning warrior, taking
on a fleet of aggressive alien robots. The invaders are named Solanars, heartless
machines that mercilessly destroy any life form and conquer planet after planet. A
new planet is under menace of destruction. The mission of the game is to save the
world from Solanars!

So what is interesting about the game? "Tuber vs Solanars" is a smart mixture of
quest and strategy. You should be quick to build your strategy from the beginning of
the game. If you peruse the help, you will be able to put your master strategy into
effect even faster.
The aim of the game is quite simple: Conquer as much territory as possible. You must
click on hexagons marked with different colors to gain ground against the Solanars.
At the same time fearless Solanars are trying to seize more of the territory too and
they are extremely fast. The side that controls more than a half of cells in the
battlefield wins the level. You will defend a planet in five environments: Water,
Desert, Forest, Foothills and Snow Mountains. Free all the territory from the
invading Solanars!
You can choose the level of game complexity that you feel is the best for you:
Novice, professional, or expert. From level to level Solanars become more difficult
to deal with and you struggle against robots of different rank. Don't forget that
there are some handy items to pick up. It is quite obvious that a "heart" stands for
an extra life. But there are also some unique magic items like "snowflakes" that
allow you to freeze the ticking clock of the game. With a clever strategy you will
persevere over the bad guys!

Modern 3D graphics, unique characters, original music, and special sound effects
create a dynamic game play that keeps you playing again and again. Help Tuber defeat
this powerful evil and save life on the planet!

Web Site:

Contact Details: Morskoi 27 Novosibirsk 630090 Russia

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