Released on: February 4, 2008, 9:57 am

Press Release Author: David E. Johnson/Strategic Vision

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: A fresh outlook on love by author Leigh Thomas

Press Release Body: "Ah Love", as the Grand Master of Romance, Pep Le Pew would
say, is the incredible, elusive emotion celebrated every year on February 14th. In
grade school, I gave handmade Valentines to all the boys in class. High School
years followed with store bought cards my special beaus. It's been a year or two
since High School -- okay -- several, and although I'm an intelligent and successful
business woman, on more than one occasion, I've found myself single on Valentine's
Day. Like most people, I won't find myself on People Magazine's, 50 Most Beautiful
People in the World List. But then, I don't think I've ever broken any cameras
either. I may be putting more energy into my work than a relationship. Then again
a clue to this situation might be found in my last experience on the other side of
the following Pep Le Pew sure-fire pick up lines: "Is it possible to be too
attractive?" "Permit me to introduce myself; I am your new lover." "The game of
love is never called on account of darkness, my little midnight snack.\"
You sound like the choir of Angels...but admit it...your sigh was almost as deep as
mine and yes, I fell hook, line and sinker -- wouldn't you? Yes, you would, I heard
you. Well, don't get too excited. After I picked myself up, I had a visit from the
police telling me he'd stolen my identity, then he left me a million dollars in
bankruptcy and ran off with another woman...I guess you could say, that's when I
discovered Mr. Right was completely Mr. Wrong. I'm still trying to figure out why
he was so upset with my Valentine's Day present to him...I filed for divorce and
signed him up for a year-long all-expenses paid federal vacation.
So, if like me, you've looked in all the wrong places for that special someone to
love, who loves you as much as you love them, someone who will treat you like the
rare person you are...Happy Valentine's Day! Now, please do me a personal favor.
Run, don't walk, out of the office, put on that sexy red outfit, drench yourself in
that expensive perfume -- the one you save for special occasions, grab yourself a
long-stem rose, pop it between your rosy red lips, open the door and tango your
gorgeous self out on the town, for a celebration of the day of love -- for yourself.
Congratulations! You have finally discovered that one true love needed before you
can share love with another almost perfect soul.

Today my new improved self-esteem knows I can have it all -- the office and love. I
may not have a date for Valentine's Day -- but there is no blinking neon L across my
forehead. I've learned that no one will ever love me more than I love myself. As a
matter of fact, if you have a bit of a self-esteem problem and haven't seen Carson
Kressley's new TV program, How to Look Good Naked, do yourself a favor and watch one
program. I thought this was going to be an exploitive reality program. Instead I
applaud this program for its empowering approach to a woman's perception of herself
and her body. It's all about getting rid of those, "I'm not good enough, or sexy
enough, to be loved by someone else -- and it's safer to hide in my work" tapes
running in your head. Sometimes it takes our gay best friend to show us how to love
the real person inside with passion, passion, passion. I'll race you to the phone
-- I'm sure he has room for all of us this season -- but me first.
We beat ourselves up for being alone and Valentine's Day is just a holiday started
by a greeting card company to up its sales. Love is love and should be celebrated
every day, as the precious gift it is and not just a one day celebration. So now
that I celebrate me, I'm not afraid stop spending all my time working and start
searching for that almost perfect, someone special. I can see him now strolling
down Times Square, when he's captivated by Carson's stunning 40' billboard of
me...his first thought will be, "Ah Love" -- each day is Valentine's Day.
Leigh Thomas is the author of An Ordinary Journey. Additional information on Ms.
Thomas may be obtained at

Web Site:

Contact Details: 2451 Cumberland Pkwy.
Suite 3607
Atlanta, GA 30339

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