San Diego mayoral candidate Steve Francis announces 21st century vision plan

Released on: February 25, 2008, 5:22 am

Press Release Author: Charles Gallagher

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: Steve Francis outlines his vision for a fiscally strong San
Diego and City Hall leadership with ethics, integrity and transparency.

Press Release Body: San Diego, CA- January 19, 2008 - San Diego Mayoral candidate
Steve Francis announced his Vision Plan as part of his successful campaign
announcement week. "For us to meet the challenges of the 21st century, San Diego
must once and for all become a world-class city that advances new opportunities for
every resident, and meets the needs of every neighborhood. I have the visionary
leadership and the strength to make the tough decisions necessary to prepare every
San Diegan for the world of tomorrow," Francis said.

"I believe local government should work for the people, not the lobbyists, the
downtown political elite and the special interests. I am committed to a full clean
sweep of City Hall, and advancing a new city government that is ethical, open, and
accountable. In our city, every tax dollar must be protected from wasteful spending
and abuse, and every tax payer should receive nothing less than a full and accurate
accounting of local government spending," Francis said.

"San Diego must become a city that takes care of its own," Francis continued. "City
Hall must pull our community together, and lead a new effort to bridge the digital
divide, protect the working poor, care for the medically indigent and serve the
needs of the homeless. Every child must become integrated into our dynamic economy,
and obtain equal opportunities for success and prosperity."

"Our city must become the green jewel of Southern California - the unrivaled leader
in environmental protection, parks programs and sustainable design," Francis
enthused. "San Diego must fully fund its public safety services, and provide
firefighters and police officers the tools and resources they need to protect our
neighborhoods and respond at a moment's notice. Saving minutes will save lives."

"I believe every parent has a right to send their child to a high-performing school
to receive a quality education they deserve," Francis said. "The Mayor's Office must
be an active partner, not an absent bystander, in securing the success of public
schools. True leadership requires government officials to be honest, strong, and
visionary. San Diego deserves a mayor with a global perspective, that thinks outside
the box, and holds himself accountable. Working together, we can reach our highest
dreams, give City Hall back to the people, and truly build a world-class city. "

"Visitors can stay updated on the campaign through my blog and posted news articles
and can get involved in the campaign by filling out the Take Action form. I
encourage everyone to visit and sign up to join me in helping
to restore San Diego to greatness," Francis concluded.

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