Shooting Spree in the markets

Released on: February 4, 2008, 6:18 pm

Press Release Author: Mike Wright

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: The markets got the shot in the arm and they had been
clamouring for last week, as the US Federal reserve slashed interest rates down to
3%, as well as taking another 0.5% off the discount rate....

Press Release Body: The markets got the shot in the arm and they had been clamouring
for last week, as the US Federal reserve slashed interest rates down to 3%, as well
as taking another 0.5% off the discount rate. Fading the Fed was the trade to make
last week, as traders aggressively sold the initial rally in equities that greeted
the Feds decision. Contributing to the sell off on Wednesday was a downgrade of the
Monoline insurer FGICs credit rating from AAA to AA.

Monoline insurers have come to the forefront recently, with a rumoured rescue
package contributing to recent rallies. Monolines are so called because they operate
in one line of business, which is to insure as much as $2.5 trillion of debt
globally. The Monoline bond insurers rely on their AAA credit rating because this
has a knock on effect on the credit rating of the insured assets themselves. This
could be potentially devastating to an already shaking credit market. Markets
rallied on Thursday, partly on the back of news that Monoline insurer MBIA will keep
its AAA credit rating. According to some analysts, ratings agencies are under
considerable pressure to hold off downgrading ratings of the two largest Monolines,
until the rescue package has been achieved.

The catalyst for rally on Friday was for once not directly related to the credit
market. Microsofts $44.6 billion dollar takeover proposal of Yahoo caused Yahoos
share price to surge to over 50%, and US futures markets to turn around early
sluggish trading. The proposed takeover price represents a hefty 60% premium to
Yahoos previous closing price. Markets were buoyed by the news on speculation that
tech stocks are undervalued in general, and that the merger and acquisitions train
is back on the rails. The news marked a turn around for tech stocks after Google and
Apple had disappointed with earnings reports.

US markets managed their biggest weekly gain in five years as the S&P500 rose 4.9%
and the Dow 4.4%. The Nasdaq still lagged behind with a gain of 2.8%. The gains came
despite poor jobs data and a record drop in year on year new home sales in the US.

The top announcements next week in Europe are the MPC and ECB interest rate
announcements on Thursday. Analysts speculate that the two could move in different
directions, after it was announced that the Eurozones inflation level remained 1%
above the target rate of 2%, and UK manufacturing growth slowed to its lowest level
since August 2005. The poor manufacturing figures could open up the door for a
quarter point cut in the UK, while the ECBs commitment to fighting inflation could
result in a quarter point raise next week.

After rising so far from the market lows it is arguable that we are now overbought
in a bear market. Economists estimates for the probability of a recession vary from
50-80%. According to, the yearly Nonfarm Payroll yearly % change is now
in negative territory after starting to decline in Q1 2006. While there may be some
more upside potential, it is arguable that the route may not be as direct as it was
over the last week. A no touch higher returns a profit if a certain level isnt
touched before the trade expires. A trade predicting the S&P 500 not to touch 1508
in the next 25 days could return 14% over the next 25 days.

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