Shopping for Change $

Released on: February 17, 2008, 9:14 am

Press Release Author: Jennifer Melnick Carota

Industry: Consumer Services

Press Release Summary: Global change starts at the grass-roots level. The Gift
Therapist teaches Smart Shopping strategies to help people GIVE MORE to people and
causes they are passionate about.

Press Release Body: Imagine walking through your favorite retail store and the
perfect gift for someone you love jumps right out at you. You run to the item, only
to be immediately discouraged by the seeing the high price tag. With so many people
to buy for you realize you can never afford to give such an expensive gift to one
person. Your joy is immediately snuffed and your desire to give the perfect gift is
now a memory. How you wish that you could afford to give the perfect gift just this

Eyes filled with tears, you contemplate charging it on your credit card. You can't
bear the thought of another year of giving gift cards and entertainment books! But
you promised yourself you wouldn't charge any gifts this year. While you debate
with your conscience, a shining smile and sweet voice breaks your internal argument.
"Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am the Gift Therapist. I have something really
special to show you!"

Like a superhero, the Gift Therapist grabs you by the arm and whisks you into
corners of the store that you have never seen. With lightening pace and a twinkle
in her eye she reveals mountains of merchandise 50, 75 and 90% of the retail price,
all the while coaching you on how to nurture your own "bargain vision" powers. Now
you can go back and buy that perfect gift that you saw earlier because you only
spent a fraction of your shopping budget! Is this a dream come true?

There is just one small catch. The Gift Therapist requests a small favor. With
warmth and urgency the Gift Therapist makes a plea. This time, her eyes fill up with
tears. She encourages you to do something really meaningful with some of the money
that you saved. She explains that sometimes a donation of $10 can change the life
of an individual, a family and a community. Imagine the potential of your small
gift to produce positive effects that will eventually branch upward and outward
throughout the entire world. It's all starting to come together now, isn't it?
Suddenly, you truly understand what the Shop Smart GIVE MORE Movement is really all
about and you want to be a part of it! It's contagious! Awestruck, you realize that
you have now become a shopper with a higher purpose. And that feels really good!

After an afternoon of bargain hunting with the Gift Therapist you will have learned:
How to buy more gifts with less money
How to prioritize your gift giving so that you may give more thoughtful gifts to
the ones that you love
How to do great things in the world with the money you save

Shop Smart GIVE MORE. It's easy, it's important, and it's absolutely necessary if we
want to see real change in this world. After all, they say real change starts at
home. Why not start with your own?

Jennifer Melnick Carota is a nonprofit executive and licensed mental health
counselor in Pittsburgh, PA. Her shopping savvy and desire to help people has
resulted in the creation of the Gift Therapist. An author and speaker, Jennifer
recently completed her first book, Shop Smart GIVE MORE and is available to purchase
on her website at More information may be obtained by
contacting Jennifer Directly at 412-559-1754.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Jennifer Melnick Carota

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