Silicon Provides State-Of-The-Art Think Client Solution To Acumen

Released on: February 4, 2008, 2:36 am

Press Release Author: Acumen Legal Service India Pvt. Ltd.

Industry: Law

Press Release Summary: Silicon has provided secure computing infrastructure for
Acumen Legal Services (I) Pvt Ltd. by opting out of traditional legacy systems and
moving towards Thin Computing platform.

Press Release Body: Silicon has provided secure computing infrastructure for Acumen
Legal Services (I) Pvt Ltd. by opting out of traditional legacy systems and moving
towards Thin Computing platform.

Silicon Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the pioneer in providing State-of-the-art IT
Solutions to businesses across Andhra Pradesh, has announced the setting up of a
secure and robust IT infrastructure for Acumen, a leading Legal Process Outsourcing
(LPO) company.

Thin Computing, as the name itself suggests, removes the application load from the
client-end and thus makes the client thin. The entire application load is shifted
to the Server-End with the help of a robust and scalable server that has the
capacity to cater to this load. Thin Computing centralizes all data and software
in powerful servers at one or more strategically selected locations.

This enables standard PCs to be replaced by less expensive, more reliable and more
secure Thin Clients. With no local operating system or applications to install and
patch, maintenance and support costs go down without compromising on the enjoyable
desktop experience that comes with PCs.

Equally important, Thin Computing networks are much easier to deploy and manage.
With this approach, organizations can deliver secure, isolated desktops that are
always on, accessible from anywhere and easy to set up, monitor and maintain. In
addition to being highly safe and secure against viruses and data theft, Thin
Clients have virtually no hardware-software interdependencies making
process-operations free of any possible breakdowns. Thin Clients do not permit users
to install unauthorized software-particularly software published by unknown sources.

Being a Legal Process Outsourcing company, the key needs of Acumen was to ensure a
Secure IT infrastructure environment with highest availability of the network.
Thin Client Computing solution fits into this need exactly and delivers a network
which is secure and robust.

Commenting on the solution, Shantanu. Ghosh, President & CEO of Acumen said:

"Investing in Thin Clients was a strategic move to address our security concerns.
We wanted to have a proper balance between a Distributed Architecture and
Server-based Computing to effectively manage our services. Besides saving on the
operational costs vis--vis the conventional thick clients, they ensure business
continuity that is vital to any organization. More importantly, it is always
better to use a desktop PC that uses 50% less energy, reduces wastage, and thereby
dramatically reduce the overall power consumption.. "

"We have always kept our focus on providing solutions that are business focused
and aim at providing hassle-free computing at the user and administrator level"
commented Sandeep Kumar Dhoundiyal, General Manager, Silicon. "Thin Client
Computing always has an edge over the traditional system if security of data is a
prime concern for the organization. And with the lower Total Cost of Ownership, it
certainly is a strong value-added investment for any organization."

Taking the cue of Acumen's success with its solution, Silicon now aims at
replicating the Thin Computing environment in security-pro organizations which
need value for money for the IT investments done in their infrastructure.

About Acumen:

Acumen Legal Services is India's premier Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) company
which caters to the overseas clientele in providing efficient legal services in
the changing global scenario. Acumen achieves its clients' objective with its
cross functional team of thorough legal practitioners, professionals and scholars.
Based out of Hyderabad, Acumen has its marketing offices in USA and are in the
process of establishing another in UK.

About Silicon:

Silicon Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a 19-year-old organization focused on
providing the best of breeds System Integration solutions especially in Server and
Network Integration. Silicon has a strong partnership with IBM (IBM Advance
Business Partner) and is a \"Royal Blue Club" member of Lenovo. Silicon provides
System Integration Solutions partnering with IBM's entire range of hardware and
software solutions along with solutions from other industry leaders like
Microsoft, Symantec and VSNL. It also undertakes Facilities Management for the
entire IT infrastructure of organizations, including Third Party maintenance of
all leading brands.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Corporate Office:
6-3-351, Ravi Chambers,
2nd Floor, Road No.1
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-500034
Phone Number: +91-40-66368666-6

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