Somebody Call Security!

Released on: February 26, 2008, 5:37 pm

Press Release Author: Cash Doctors

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: As Australia\'s largest online payday lender, Cash Doctors
realises the responsibility it has to it\'s clients to provide the highest level of
Internet security. By implementing the most up to date technology, Cash Doctors has
done just that.

Press Release Body: As Australia's largest online payday loan provider,
[url=]Cash Doctors[/url] takes the worry and the wait
out of applying for a personal loan online.

Cash Doctors\' primary objective is to provide a fast, reliable, and trustworthy
[url=]payday loan[/url] service for their
clients. By providing payday loans, Cash Doctors provides a cheaper alternative to a
short-term cash setback, which as we all know, can (and usually does) crop up when
we least expect it.

What may surprise a lot of people is that that objective extends to long-term as well.

Looking out for the clients welfare is important, and at Cash Doctors we work
towards this by providing documented
resources[/url] and advice on the website, in the form of financial articles, live
help, a monthly budget example, not to mention an e-book on 'How To Stop Juggling
Your Debts & Master Your Money\'.

Despite the millions of transactions that occur over the Internet worldwide
everyday, people are still wary of taking part in such a process. In the case of
Cash Doctors, such worry is unnecessary. But better to be a worrier than loose with
your details right?

So how do you know your details are secure with Cash Doctors? Well Cash Doctors is
[url=]owned and operated by people just
like their clients[/url] - ordinary people working for a living. Just like you,
these people know what it means to need a quick cash fix when you're in a tight

So they also understand when people are wary of Internet transactions. This is why
Cash Doctors has taken every measure possible to set themselves apart from the

By using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, Cash Doctors protects the
confidentiality and security of all personals details of each and every person that
makes contact with the website.

By implementing such specific measures to ensure complete security of any
interaction between themselves and their payday loan clients, Cash Doctors has
eliminated cause for any concern.

While details are stored on file with Cash Doctors, clients can be assured
absolutely, that their details will not be shared with a third party without their

Cash Doctors welcomes both their clients and the public to join their interactive
community and make use of the resources they offer. If you have any questions or
queries regarding a loan, you can email us at

Similarly, if you have any queries regarding a financial issue, head to the
[url=]\'Ask Cash Doctors\'[/url]
page and submit it using the simple form.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Cash Doctors
Suite 203
40 Nerang Street
Queensland 4215

PH: +61 7 5591 2850
FAX: +61 7 5591 7616


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