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Released on: February 29, 2008, 6:07 am

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Press Release Summary: Despite all the negative publicity which has emerged in
recent months, Spain remains a popular destination with British overseas property

Press Release Body: Despite all the negative publicity which has emerged in recent
months, Spain remains a popular destination with British overseas property
investors. That\'s the message coming from Spanish estate agency website

Business director at the website Louise Hall commented: \"It is a peculiar market in
many ways that has remained consistently in the number two position for property
searches for UK buyers, behind France in the number one slot.\"

At present, of course, one may expect France to stay in front, given its
highly-competitive Spain mortgage market, as described by Blevin Franks. It said
Spain\'s northern neighbour\'s banks had survived the subprime crisis relatively
unscathed and had managed to boost its fourth quarter of 2007 mortgage lending by
3.8 per cent from a year earlier thanks to a series of attractive deals. In such
circumstances, none would expect Spain to be likely to usurp France as number one
right now.

Yet nor is Spain likely to fall to number three, whatever the attractions of
Portugal or any other country. \"This is despite the fact that the market,
particularly in the south of Spain - the Costa del Sol in particular - has had a
difficult time in the doldrums, with over-hiked prices as well as issues over land
ownership,\" said Ms Hall.

One factor in this, she noted, is that Spanish property today is not all about the
costas. \"But of course, Spain like France is a big country, so there are plenty of
other regions that people will look to buy in, provided they are served by good
transportation links to the UK.\"

Good transportation, of course, means tourist links. Buy-to-let investors may have
been heartened recently by forecasts that tourism in Spain has been tipped to
continue increasing, therefore potentially raising the number of opportunities for
renting holiday homes.

Another such prediction has appeared this week, with tourism marketing company The
Network predicting that Spain is one of the most popular destinations in the
short-haul popularity stakes, Easier has reported. Paula Lacey, business development
director for the Network, said prospects for bookings in this area were \"hugely

Of course, while areas near airports are one obvious area that investors could look
in, some are slightly less obvious. Homes Worldwide has tipped Baqueira-Beret in the
Val d\'Aran (Sierra Nevada range) as a good place for an investor to buy and rent out
property for skiers. It stated that while such property would not come cheap, the
returns would be good, while patrons of the resort include none other than Victoria

To buy ski property in a country more famed for its sun and beaches may seem
unusual, but then that, perhaps, is exactly what Ms Hall meant by Spain being a big
country, with plenty of variety meaning that there will always be new angles and
opportunities for investors to explore.

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