Statistical Process Control for Food Quality Managers Profiled in IFSQN

Released on: February 14, 2008, 6:54 am

Press Release Author: Thomas R. Cutler

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: Statistical Process Control for Food Quality Managers
Profiled in IFSQN

Press Release Body: According to Evan J. Miller, President and CEO of Hertzler
Systems, "Net Contents programs must meet the requirements in governmental
regulations for compliance to net content declarations on packaged goods. The NIST
133 standard, for example, does not specify limits for overfilling, which puts food
manufacturing Quality Control managers in a difficult spot. Fill weights must be
above the Maximum Allowable Variance (MAV), while simultaneously needing the average
fill to be over, but as close as possible to the label declaration."

In the current issue of IFSQN (International Food Safety Quality Network),
manufacturing journalist Thomas R. Cutler, profiled the importance of statistical
process control. Cutler suggested, "Over-packing is just giving away product;
conversely if packages are under-filled the fines to regulators and damage to a
company's reputation are even more costly."

Automated tools make it easy to discover which fill heads, material suppliers,
operators, product lines, and other variables have the greatest impact on process
variation - individually or in combination. Armed with this information, the best
decisions can be made regarding process improvements that reduce process variation
and shift average fill weights closer to the declared label weights.

Lot Genealogy (Farm to Fork)

Lots of raw material significantly impact process variability; if there is a recall
all products made with a particular lot of raw material must be identifiable. It is
critical that food quality professionals can identify which customers received a
production lot being recalled. Miller suggests, "Lot genealogy makes it easy to
search for a specific raw material lot number and identify all the products made
with this lot of material. Automated variation analysis can quickly compare the
impact of different material lots on process variability, which can then be traced
back to various raw material suppliers, or forward to various customers.

Hertzler Systems ( provides seamless, accurate data acquisition
solutions that drive business transformation. The company provides the leading
real-time data acquisition and analytics software, the GainSeeker Suite. This
powerful and flexible system is best used by lean and progressive companies.
Gainseeker Suite allows companies to connect with devices and other information
systems, collecting data and alarming key personnel when problems arise; this
technology allows organizations to analyze data for root cause problems, converting
data into knowledge.

Hertzler Systems has been a leader in Statistical Process Control and Six Sigma for
over twenty years, and includes a diverse customer base in service, transactional
and manufacturing environments; clients include BAE Systems, Crown Audio, IDEX
Corporation, McCormick & Company, Inc., Hormel Foods Corporation, Titleist &
Footjoy, and TaylorMade-Adidas Golf Worldwide. The company\'s software and services
enable clients to collect and analyze data; building a robust data infrastructure
for making data-driven decisions. These capabilities help clients to reduce costs,
cycle time and errors, and increase profitability.

Hertzler Systems Inc.
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Communications Manager

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