StemTech Cell Enhancers - Fact or Fiction

Released on: February 26, 2008, 10:27 am

Press Release Author: Richard Olive- Product Specialist

Industry: Biotech

Press Release Summary: In new and upcoming industries thee is always a bit of fear
and skepticism. In the case of stem cell research, there is also Government control,
and that\'s to be expected. However, cell enhancers are not derived from embryos and
some have been peer reviewed to be safe and effective.

Press Release Body: According to Richard Olive, Product Specialist stem cell
enhancers are made from organic materials proven to be safe. StemTech, the leader in
Stem Cell Enhancers has produced and tested such a product called Stem Enhance. When
asked, Olive said that after taking the product for 6 weeks, he was able to walk in
excess of 2 miles a day, bend and stoop for the first time in over 8 years. He added
that bringing this product to the market place was a natural event for him.

Olive, no stranger to the industry of over the counter health enhancement products
went on to say, \"It\'s a good fit for me, both as a consumer and
as a business venture\". Olive has created a buzz and stirred much enthusiasm over
StemTech\'s cell enhancers. \"Finding people interested in the product is easy.
Everyone is looking for a way to feel better and this is an affordable product, it\'s
peer reviewed so consumers can relax and be comfortable taking it. After 4 weeks,
nearly everyone has notice a major change. This is a good thing\".

While the industry is justifiably going slow in the area of T-Cell research, cell
enhancers are different. Organically created, peer reviewed studies deem them safe
and effective. It\'s up to each individual to determine for themselves through their
own due-diligence how the research stands up. Olive has created a Product Specialist
Website for consumers to come together to share and learn in shared environment. It
is open to the public and free for all who want to participate.

While the debate over stem cell research takes place, consumers ought to be aware
there are advancements being made, produced and available to help the majority of
people worldwide. Stem Tech has a distribution system in place to handle such a
demand and are poised for the future.

Consumers with questions and those interested in helping to bring this product to
the worldwide market are encouraged to contact Richard and participate on his

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Web Site:

Contact Details: Florence, Alabama

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