Stock Trading Online Scam Alert

Released on: February 23, 2008, 7:16 am

Press Release Author: Bruno Laborde

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: The world of stock trading has changed over the years to
become a world of
electronic everything. From the research into various stocks to the trades
themselves, it is an online stock trading world. Scam artists have come to
know this, and are learning to exploit this new medium. You may well have
seen one of the \'e-mail alerts\' that have come from these scammers offering
an \'inside tip\' on a stock that is going to make it big. Unfortunately many
people believe these tips are the real thing, accidentally sent to them, and
log on to do some online stock trading in that company. Often times they only
thing they get out of it is ripped off.

Press Release Body: Stop and think when you first get these e-mails of why you would
be getting
it? You are not a friend of the person sending it. Why would a person who
doesn\'t know you send you a tip that could make you a lot of money? The
answer is ? they wouldn\'t. These e-mails are simply trying to get your to
make a purchase of the company they are pushing in online stock trading, not
to help you, but to help them. Often times the people sending the e-mails are
those who own a large interest in the company that they want to make some
money on. When you, and all the others who got the e-mail start buying, their
stock worth goes up, and they make a killing off of your misplaced trust.
Research is the key to not being taken advantage of while you are online
stock trading. If you get an e-mail that looks too good to be true, go to a
trusted website such as ChoiceTrade , and look more closely into the tip
company before investing.

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Contact Details: Acasias 22

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